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Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque ✨

8th July 2016

Face masks (and eye creams) are my weakness, for realz. Ain’t no thang better for a quick fix IMO when you’re looking a tad greige!

The majority of my  current loves (Image Vital C Hydrating Enzyme Masque, or Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery for example) are currently verboten thanks to pregnancy (due to their Vitamin A concentration), and so I’ve been improvising with various newbies when the mood strikes. For point of reference, I’ve dehydrated skin and subsequently get the best results from hydrating masks as opposed to clay masks (although I still dabble in those when needs be). I picked up two new Dermalogica masks in the last few months; one being their newly launched Charcoal Rescue Masque, and one being their (not so newly launched) Skin Hydrating Mask.

The former I’ve yet to make my mind up on. Thanks to its PR drop –  where every beauty guru raved about it at the exact same time, the hype was never going to deliver! It’s grand. (Said opinion is v. much subject to change though once I’ve given it a fair trial – Personally I found it a pain to remove and therefore haven’t tested it out too many times thus far). The latter however, is right up my street (a la Chezza).

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Flawless Wonder Brush (Artis Dupe)

5th July 2016

Such hype for such tripe!

I caved and purchased one of those Artis Makeup Brush dupes a few weeks ago, thanks to the constant barrage of social media appearances. The Flawless Wonder Brush retails for in or around €13 and is stocked in the vast majority of (Irish, at least!) pharmacies at the moment.

If you somehow missed the pitch regarding the Artis Oval Brushes, they were originally launched around two years ago by Matthew Waitesmith (of MAC makeup brushes fame).  Artis have marketed them as a whole new world of makeup applicators – shaped like a toothbrush of sorts and  SRSLY densely packed with ‘Cosmefibre’ bristles…

Available from the likes of Net A Porter and Space NK said brushes are definitely an investment (a ten brush set will set ya back an eye-watering €337 mar shampla). But YOLO – Artis promise “these ergonomically designed brushes perfectly fit fingers and hands, while the fibre bundle tips complement facial contours making it easy to get a professional finish”.

Anyway, enough about the brushes I don’t possess and onto their so-hot-right-now wannabe!

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