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Beauty Blender Dupe 💋

27th June 2016

I’m all about that Beauty Blender life at the mo – I go through phases, but as of now my buffing brushes are on the back burner once more. I’ve tried ALL of its dupes, mar shampla Real Techniques, W7, Penneys/Primark’s versions and so on… None compare to be honest – there’s just something about the Beauty Blender that validates its €20 RRP. However, a recent haul at work resulted in yet another poor man’s BB making way to my collection, and I gots to admit;  I’ve since repurchased a back up. Say what?! Continue Reading…

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Babymoon: Monart Destination Spa (Enniscorthy) 🐰

21st June 2016

Our babymoon itinerary originally involved a jaunt to the Cayman Islands for a pal’s wedding back in April. But of course the Gods were out in force to spoil such plans (although only for poor little me  – Mark, the martyr that he is, very much still attended said nuptials).

With the  mess that was April a distant memory to me now,  I made do with a babymoon staycaysh instead. And so earlier this month off we spun to the Monart Destination Spa for some chilled out bank holiday vibes. And what with the gorgeous ‘exam weather’ (yawn) on our side, it actually felt all the more tropical. Kinda. Sortish. Continue Reading…

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Korean Beauty: Skin79 Super Plus Hot Pink BB Cream

17th June 2016

There was a time (circa 2012) when I was full-on strung out on Korean Beauty – my own personal brand of heroin… (Scarleh for yiz if you get that reference). One total gem of a find was Liole’s Triple The Solution BB Cream, which was up there as my favourite base of yonderyear. Koreans know there BB creams, none of this tinted moisturiser shite avec the western world. And so, when The Makeup Monster listed one such cream as her bridal base I knew I needed in. Presenting: Skin 79 Hot Pink BB Cream! Continue Reading…

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Look Fantastic Beauty Box (June ’16)

10th June 2016

So the last few Look Fantastic Beauty Boxes that have passed through my letter box (slash collected from my post depot) haven’t featured on ze blog, mainly because I was ‘sew over them'(!)… However thanks to my dedicated laziness I’ve yet to cancel my direct debit, and dyaknowwhat?! My faith in such parcels has since been restored thanks to yesterday’s delivery. Mainly because it contains a daaaycent sized eye cream sample – my achilles heel! #blessed #grateful Continue Reading…