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Trash Talk Empties: Pregnancy Body Oils 🌟

24th May 2016

As of today I’m 30 weeks pregnant, and so far so good – I haven’t acquired any (new!) stretch marks. However, with two months of torso stretching to go, I’m not quite holding my breath.

I’m well aware genetics rule the roost with regards to these bad boys, and as I already have the odd silver thread hanging around from teenagedom, I’m not obsessing too greatly. However lifestyle too can play a blinder in preventing such stripes throughout pregzville, with the main factors revolving around avoiding rapid weight gain (obv), as well as staying hydrated internally (via drinking gallons of H20) and externally (via rubbing in the old body balms/butters/oils/creams).

I’ve been ploughing through body oils/stretch mark preventative lotions and potions since Christmas; with many more knocking around my bathroom to use up! Who knows whether they’ve contributed to me not getting any scars thus far, but the following have been gathering dust in my ‘Empties’ trash waiting for review… Continue Reading…

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 💙 Vichy Ideal Soleil Oil

9th May 2016

When it comes to French skincare, I need zero enabling. I snapped up the Vichy Ideal Soleil After Sun Oil (€19 for 200ml) in oh, about two seconds once a dispensary technician recommended it on a day’s work in a Wicklow pharmacy.

I’m all about the ease of body oils in  general – can’t be dealing with body balms and the likes. Vichy have marketed this as a ‘Double Usage After Sun’, in that it can be used in-shower on wet skin before rinsing off (the waste!), or as a normal moisturiser on dry skin for soothing hydration. I’ve been slathering it on post shower, and have fallen irrevocably in love. Continue Reading…