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One Twenty Sixteen Recap

27th December 2016

Those #BestOf2016  ‘gram uploads have me feeling all nostalgic…

Twenty Sixteen; The year the world would rather not acknowledge. Awkwardly for me though, it’s been the Best! Year! Ever! I mean, globally it’s been horrendous of course but sure look. Nobody here is reading this for the politics. And perhaps in a decade or so, when Reeling in the Years montages this year’s highlights, we’ll all eh, laugh?!

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The Christmas Wardrobe Edit

17th November 2016

It’s snowing – It’s here – It’s Christmas!

After a lengthy Autumn, the time has come to sort out my winter (PARTY!) wardrobe. Along with the rest of the world, I’ve plenty of dressing-up to do over the next month or two. So here’s what’s currently hanging in my (super affordable) online wardrobe. What to buy, what to buy…

Please note! No chokers, crop tops, or cut outs*. Please may these three ‘trends’ die with 2016.

*That Topshop dress may have ‘cut out’ type detail, BUT it’s too beautiful to not consider with suitable bodysuit-type under armour!

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Pixi Glow Tonic (with a bit of The Hirons thrown in)…

11th November 2016

Possibly a decade late to the game, but I’ve been using  Pixi Glow Tonic steadily (and finally!) for a good four months now. Having reached cult status* many years ago, I’m not quite sure what took me so long to add this exfoliating toner to my regime… Possibly because I’m not that into toners in general.

*On a ‘cult status’  side note, I always lawl at such terms and think of Saul Bennett circa ’96. Anyone else, no?!

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Out on the Lash… L.V.L. Lashes

3rd November 2016

This little journal of mine has taken a serious hit since summer, with many a stale draft lurching behind the scenes, never to be published. I have however been meaning to share my thoughts on LVL lashes since, oh, about August. So to all those millions of fans out their holding their breath, you may exhale… Today’s the day.

To backtrack, mascara is undoubtedly my desert island essential. My eyelashes are naturally quite long and curly if I say so myself, BUT as God doesn’t give with both hands, they’re also pretty fair in shade. And so without mascara I’m beyond the realms of naked. I’m also not into falsies at all at all (although I do keep meaning to pick up some SoSueMe strips to see what the fuss is all about), and nor do I like ‘stenos(!).

I was however very intrigued by what LVL Lashes claims to bring to the table, and so when a nearby salon was offering a complimentary mani* with every LVL treatment I booked in. (*As previously mentioned this was many, many moons ago and subsequently said offer is long kaputt).

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