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So the ‘Twenty Things About Me’ tag has been knockin’ around insta for quite some time, but after another recent tag from Siobhan Makeup, I’ve finally gotten around to throwing together some random deets…

  • Unless I’m somwhere warm and sunny, I’m generally more of an indoor girl. However I’m slowly transforming… Before meeting my fiance, I definitely appreciated a bouquet of flowers in a vase far, far more than flowers in a garden. But thanks to him and his horticulturist ways, I now take the time to smell the (outdoor!) roses and notice the beauty in nature. (And I now also know the latin names of far too many plants, fml.)
  • I’m fascinated by theology – not that I consider myself particularly religious, but I adore learning about other people’s beliefs and the history/persecution of specific religions. I find the whole thing mindblowing; how personal beliefs that can never be physically proven/disproven can cause so much global distress.
  • I’m afraid of pretty much every animal species – a fear my mother annoyingly instilled in me. I love ‘baby’ animals (as in; puppies, kittens etc) but once they mature I’m seriously afraid – dogs expecially.
  • I bought my first car two years ago (a Mini Cooper) and love it dearly.
  • As a child I was always reading, and always writing. When I was around six or seven I asked Santa for a typewriter, and subsequently self-published many a book. Growing up I always wanted to be an author or a journalist – although my career path has since taken me in an entirely different direction.
  • I’m the ultimate chocaholic; embarrassingly so. I eat chocolate every single day, and could survive (happily) on nothing else… However I hate chocolate flavoured food – chocolate ice-cream, yogurt, milkshakes etc.
  • I’m extremely empathetic – If you’re crying I’m probably crying with you.
  • Watching and following (pretty much every) YouTube beauty guru is my guilty pleasure.
  • Over the years I’ve been dragged (well, pretty willingly dragged to be fair!) to various fortune tellers/ spiritual healers/ psychics – and they’ve literally all had one foresight about me in common – that I apparently possess an innate psychic ability/ reiki healing talent! Now this isn’t something I’ve remotely tapped into (bar reading a couple of reiki themed books), but I do find the whole ‘spiritual auras/chakras’ thing quite interesting.
  • When I was twenty-two, I travelled to Milan on a whim to work as an au-pair for a Greek family.
  • My happy place is 100% swimming in the sea – preferrably somewhere exotic but I’ll take the Irish coast too if I have to.
  • I have always been a skincare and beauty junkie/hoarder… I recall winning a $1,000 cheque towards the tail end of a (very impoverished) J1 summer in California, only to cash the entire prize in Sephora – down to the very last cent. (Although in my defence I bought all of my friends gifts there too.)
  • My cocktail of choice is an expresso martini… And after that all of the wine.
  • I underwent thyroidectemy surgery almost four years ago, back when I was living in Belfast of all places.
  • I’m absolutely obsessed with Louis Theraux (and also John Krasinski).
  • If I ever ‘come into’ money, I’ll open a boutique Spa/Hotel by the water… Possibly in the South of France, possibly in Italy. And live happily ever after.
  • I am pretty much always listening to music.
  • I love aromatherapy, and definitely believe in a scent’s ability to affect moods. I’m always burning essential oils, and collect candles like no tomorrow.
  • I started this blog early last summer, (with the intention of it revolving around health/pharmacy…)
  • My absolute favourite thing to do (after food, obv) is to go to the cinema – I love it all regardless of the film choice; from the trailers to the pic ‘n’ mix. Unless the movie pickings are extremely dire, I hit the cinema at least once a week, (with tonight’s film choice being ‘Spotlight’ – V excited!).
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  1. Ah thanks for the tag. I will get on this immediately- now to try and think of something interesting.
    I am also a big fan of films. I love the cinema. It’s my favourite thing to do. Siobhan xx

    1. It’s hard to know – I’m always complaining about feeling tired, I’m a terrible sleeper though as well so not sure what’s to blame! Looking forward to reading yours xx

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