Those blaggard bloggers, though…

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In hindsight I’m hella surprised it took quite so long for the ‘BullshitCallerOuter’ movement to rise. I’m one part cringing at the witch hunt, one part (maybe two) silent clapping at the effort. In all honesty it’s about bloody time. How long have you been whatsapping its contents amongst yourselves anyway?! (Cue the #ItsBeen84years meme). 

Influence: the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behaviour of someone or something, or the effect itself. 


The threats are flying in gach ait – the photoshop, the facetune (and bodytune), the surgeries, the seagulls. And what about the children?! Here’s my take on the little debacle. The ole instagram is a fab place when you like what you see. Follow accounts that put a smile on your face. Spring clean your feed.

Personally, I like following ‘real’ people. (Although when I first joined instagram I was all about the opposite – the globe trotting, bikini bodied, curly blow-dried Mormons for example). Now however, I want to see what real people are doing/eating/wearing/buying.   But you do you girl! Maybe you adore interiors (or recipes, or travel, or wedding inspo)? Then fill your feed with that and forget about the old fitfam army.


Consider your account a valued currency, and don’t throw your ‘follows’ around too sloppily. By hate following, screen-shotting, tagging pals in private joke comments etc you’re simply adding to that blogger’s engagement. Simples. The higher their engagement, the richer you’re making them (and the more followers they can then afford to buy, lolz).


With that here are ten fab accounts I’m currently loving  –

  • Laura (Buy Now Blog Later) obviously.
  • Roisin Anna – very funny, very real, very Irish.
  • Sinead Warren –  fabulous taste in gin, shoes, food.
  • Louise McSharry – very real, very articulate, with honest beauty recommendations.
  • Louise Ryan – the Irish Emma Hill, no?
  • Simone – currently house renovating in Dublin and loves coffee, wine, makeup.
  • Matilda – Sigh. Perfection.
  • Tar Mar – one of my favourite Irish bloggers (currently residing in NYC), and totally underrated IMO.
  • Pandora –  home goals with images of her real house (where people actually live).
  • Sarah – Dublin food, fashion, dogs.

And then there’s me – come follow me, too!

Seriously though, let’s make instagram a happy place once more. We’ve got this!

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  1. Wow, I don’t believe that I hadn’t found your account sooner! Love your Instagram feed! I loved Pandora’s feed! Thank you for the recommendations 🙂

    Olga from Myme

  2. I missed most of the snaps about the whole thing but when I got the gist, I was shocked at how edited the photos were – how could anybody think it’s ok to edit your photos to make you look 3/4 sizes smaller?! It’s crazy, especially if you are doing events and people will be taking pics and seeing the real you? I don’t get it!! xx


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