This Guinot Mask, though 🎀

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Way back when, (last July to be precise) I met up with a bestie pal from college for the first time in forever, ever. We checked in for a spa weekend in Cavan of all places (t’was only gorge), and caught all the way up on each other’s craic.

Frances’ skin was literally glowing all weekend; like remarkably so – As if she was dipped in highlighter glowing. (No exaggeration). Obviously I wanted in, and quizzed her on said sparkle. And it’s all down to Guinot, apparently. Frances owns a fabulous beauty salon in Donegal, (Glow Beauty), and has been trialling various salon skin care brands over the past year or two. None had come close to Guinot in her opinion, which she now stocks exclusively.

I was somewhat skeptical at first, as it’s not a brand you hear too much about via the beauty blogosphere/magazines/etc BUT I obviously needed to impulse buy everything she recommended, just incase. And I’m now in love. Particularly with the Guinot masks. And in particular with the Guinot Biological Peeling Mask…


If you follow me on instagram (@thepharmersjournal) you may have seen I invested in the full Guinot skin care rigout. I knew I wanted the Hydra Beaute mask as it sounded right up my street – hydrating, radiance boosting, yada yada yada. And it’s fab, I really like it. But what I expected to be indifferent to has turned out to be the star of the show – Guinot’s Gommage Biologique.

Frances had suggested the ‘Biological Peeling Gel’, and at the time I wasn’t particularly bothered but was also like – ‘sure what’s one more product, eh?!’ I despise ‘Peeling’ masks; those cheapy pull-off masks that get stuck in your hairline and practically wax your face upon removal. Which is what I stereotyped the Biological Peeling Gel as. Big mistake. Huge.

It’s actually a super gentle exfoliating mask, with a sticky gel consistency. My instructions via Frances were to rub it in to my face ’til the gel turns to an oil, and then rinse off. Not the most complicated of directions. And so I whacked on a thick layer of gel and began messaging it in.

After what felt like an absolute age, I called quits – The texture hadn’t changed but I presumed its work was done. Then BAM! The sticky gel began to transform into a warm oil, just like that. I obviously used far too much, thus requiring a cray long massage. I’ve since used a euro coin sized (if even) and it’s perfect.


I’m in love with the formula – It leaves my skin perfectly smooth, brightened and hydrated. It’s incredibly gentle in comparison to other exfoliating masks, yet it’s just (if not more) as effective at removing dead skin cells. And as for the gel-to-oil formula, I love it! It’s like a timer telling you enough is enough once it liquidises. The only other somewhat similar hybrid type mask I’ve tried is the Glamglow Powermud which transforms from a mud to an oil and is a complete dud – Incredibly not worth the hype.

This on the other-hand comes highly recommended by moi. As an exfoliating mask it’s as gentle as you’ll get, yet it will leave your skin polished, glowing and luminous. Use twice weekly and you’ll be gorge!

Look Fantastic stock it, as do Sam McCauleys.

And if you want to give Glow Beauty a buzz/message, Frances is happy to sell and post Guinot out to you over the phone.

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