The Health Benefits of Udo’s Choice (Omega Fatty Acids)

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I’m back on the Nutri-Ninja buzz over the past few weeks, only this time I’ve been adding a few teaspoons of Udo’s Choice into the mix… (No need to projectile vomit on your screen at the thoughts, the oil completely disappears into the juice and adds no extra taste/smell.)


I recall the German-head that is Dr. Udo peering out from my fridge as a child, and being force-fed spoonfuls when my mother was going through an Udo’s Choice phase. She kindly passed on her addiction to must-have holy grail supplements/superfoods to myself – An addiction that’s far, far harder to control when you work in a pharmacy and are constantly browsing the aisles.

But it’s not in vain – Omega Fatty Acids are SUCH an important dietary supplement to take, and so I’ve been making a conscious decision to merge the introduction of Udo’s Choice into my daily habits. With my 28th birthday looming overhead, I’ve decided to make smaller, healthier lifestyle choices rather than my usual all or nothing attitude. I’m generally the girl who can #cleaneat you into shame ’til around 7pm, and then chug back wine, chocolate and ice-cream till the cows come home. And once I’ve opened the family size dairy milk I obviously have to finish it there and then so as to not spoil my ‘clean eating’ for the following day… Farcial. (Hence the emphasis on recent all day everyday baby steps to break the habits!)

So what makes Udo’s Choice so life-changing you ask?! What the hell is it?

it’s basically a blend of the three Omega Acids (Omega 3/ 6/ 9) at the supposed perfect ration of 1:1:2. Essential Fatty Acids are named ‘essential’ as our bodies are unable to synthesise them physiologically, the way it can certain hormones for example. Therefore we must ingest them – either via supplements, or certain foods (cold-water fish, flaxseed, tofu). Omega Acids are incredibly important in both preventing and treating cardiovascular, inflammatory and mental disease… Plus on a vanity level, they’re what keep your skin supple and your hair shiny.

There’s major debates in the scientific world as to the correct beneficial ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 (with a little bit of Omega 9 thrown in for good measure).  Too much Omega 6 has grave consequences; high cholesterol, arthritis, depression etc.

I’ve read countless articles on this optimum ratio debacle, and whilst each entry differs slightly, they all point towards the optimum goal of 1:1 (Omega 3: Omega 6).

The Japanese win hands down here, with the average diet there containing 1:4. Hence their low rates of cardiovascular disease, and all around healthy feels.

The Americans (God love them) are losing miserably with a shocking ratio of 1:16. This explains their out of control cardiovascular problems. (The Irish average has yet to be decided but I’d imagine we’re closer to the Yanks – although hopefully somewhere in between.)

Omega 3s are found in oily fish like salmon and sardines, as well as flax seeds and walnuts. Omega 6s are found mainly in vegetable oils. Omega 6s are cost effective and easily produced in vast quantities. Vegetable oil is made of the Omega 6 fatty acid called Linoleic Acid, which, if consumed excessively results in inflammation – which in turn leads to disease.  Fast food and processed food are all rolling in vegetable oil (hence the Western population having a hugely off balance ratio between the two) which is why we need more Omega 3 acids to balance it out. Meanwhile, the lesser heard of Omega 9 is found in foods such as avocados and nuts. As with Omega 3 and 6, Omega 9 protects against heart disease and the likes… Mainly by reducing cholesterol.

However it’s all in the balance between the three, and most importantly, the battle of Omega 3 to match Omega 6. Which is where Udo’s Choice rears it’s oily head – It has the perfect balance of 1:1:2 of Omega 3:6:9. The supplement is made of a vegetarian blend of flax seed oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, soy oil… I could go on.

Obviously prevention is better than cure – By adding a few spoonfuls of omega oils to my blender I’m effortlessly preparing myself against the almost inevitable fight against cancer/heart disease//arthritis…

But I’m not quite crippled over on my zimmer frame just yet – these benefits aren’t results I can see. I just hope they’re happening.

Meanwhile, the more instant, vanity benefits of omega oils all revolve around thicker, shinier hair and smoother, firmer skin, whilst it contributes in the breakdown of stored bodily fat making you leaner. Plus omega fatty acids major role in mental health  results in happier vibes and more stabilised moods (If you struggle with likes of PMS it’s a no-brainer).

I chose the Udo’s blend over cod liver oil capsules and the likes, as i can’t stand the fishy aftertaste. Also I genuinely can’t taste it provided it’s blended with plenty of ice. There IS a slight change in texture to the juice once the oil is added – I feel as though its like a ‘micellar water’ drink – as in micelles of oil suspended in liquid… But that’s probably all in my head.

I’d love to hear if any of you guys are a fan of the German juice… Holler at me with your thoughts if so!


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  1. I try and just take it by the spoonful.. and then swish mouthwash after as I hate the texture!
    Will try it in a smoothie.
    I just got a nutribullet for Christmas but haven’t used it much.
    Would love if you would do some smoothie recipes or ‘what I eat in a day’
    Love your blog and your writing style 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Louise! I need to clean up my act and cut out the chocolate and wine before I attempt a ‘what I eat in a day’ post!! I love reading them though – it satisfies the nosiness! I will attempt one soon though, and also a smoothie post. Xx

  2. Not a huge amount, but I eat a lot of avocado, seeds and especially flaxseed so it’s not like I would really be lacking in omegas…

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