The Fish Shack (Sandycove) 🐠🍴

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Tuesday marked mine and Bae’s anniversary (vom!), and even though one of us was battling manflu’, and the weather was pretty rot, we wanted to somewhat mark the occasion. Casual food and films are always up my street, and so dinner and cinema it was to be.

We decided to stay relatively local and hit the Fish Shack in Sandycove for some comfort food, before heading to see Everest at the IMC in Dun Laoghaire. The movie was great; (somewhat) slow in parts in my opinion, but overall pretty amaze, especially considering it’s a true story. But back to the food.

You may recall Ouzo’s Fish Shack extraordinaire on Dun Loaghaire’s East Pair – the ‘cabin on wheels’ serving delicious seafood – sold ready to eat-in-hand whilst strolling the prom. Well they’ve since relocated (a few months ago) to the Sandycove seafront, in what used to be the Martello. The Fish Shack serves cheap and cheerful (but fresh and tasty!) seafood, which is just what the area needed.

Its decor is exactly what you’d expect from a ‘shack’ – minimalistic and nautical – think filament lighting with wooden benches/tables. Menu-wise, again it’s befitting of a shack, with no divisions between courses, but rather an ‘order whatever whenever’ kinda vibe.

Below is the menu which I’ve since robbed from their site – Our menu was their ‘Autumn’ offering but alas I wasn’t planning on reviewing the place and my menu was returned pre-photo opportunity!

BUT – it was literally the exact same offerings so no biggie!

We were running late (obv) and subsequently hadn’t time to go too overboard (pun not intended) with the menu. Mark went with the catch of the day (plaice) whilst I carb-loaded with the lobster mac+cheese. And to quench our thirst we shared a (delicious) carafe of sauvignon blanc. I lie – Mark was driving.

I rarely order pasta when dining out, mainly because it’s so easy to prepare at home, but in our rush I panicked when ordering. It was delicious though, super creamy and filling – especially due to its garlic bread and chunky chips sides… Hashtag paleo.

The ratio of lobster/crabmeat to pasta was pretty slim, but then that’s practically always the way with pasta dishes unfortunately.  This did however result in serious food envy at Mark’s dinner though – grilled plaice with a citrus butter dressing. Gorj. The plaice was melt-in-yer-mouth fresh, and cooked perfectly – crispy yet fluffy. I ended up robbing some plaice meat to add to my pasta, and the world was at one again. Were you to pick a flaw with the menu, I guess it’s quite lacking on the vegetable offerings, but then if it’s fish and chips you’re after who’s asking?!

Dessert required the luxury of time we didn’t have, but next time I’ll be sampling the kinder bueno ice cream for sure… And also the pistachio ice-cream. The Fish Shack’s dessert selection is (home-made) ice-cream only. And that’s fine by me – Who doesn’t like ice-cream?

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