The Bend and Snap(Chat)

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Snapchat – the most annoying yet addictive bubble in all the realms of social media.

It’s obviously doing something right though, with it’s 100million (and growing) accounts. I dabble in and out of the addiction, sometimes forgetting about the app for a week or so before binging like an alco. As a ‘blogger’ (scarleh) I can’t say I’m too active on the app at the moment – although maybe I’ll start snapping’ again one of the days. #AddMe!

When I first joined, I was all about following my favourite influencers around the world (think The Londoner, Tamara and the likes), yet I soon bored of their FAR too unattainable lifestyles. Plus they were all really annoying. Ditto the Kardashians; bleedin’ wreck the heads. Healthy lifestyle bloggers, beauty bloggers, fashion bloggers – yawn, yawn, yawn. There’s only so much beauty product placement a gal can take, slash there’s only so many times I can watch The Ridey Pears do handstands every five minutes.

And so I quickly came to the realisation that, for me, instagram is where I go to follow fashion bloggers, youtube is where I watch ze lifestyle, and actual blogs are where I (generally speaking) like to read about beauty. Obviously these overlap here and there but fret not, I’m not going to go all Venn Diagram on you.

Meaning – snapchat is more for the funny people. So without further ado here are the five snapchat accounts I tend to click load.


Starting with the v. gorgeous Dzoireann.

She’s hilarious, super talented and destined to be the next Amy Poehler/ Tina Fey/ Mindy Kaling. (Or at the very least, Mario Rosenstock.)


Of all the gay Dublin snapchatters, I think Rob Kenny is my number one.

His vlogging of the Irish Ploughing Championships is what cinched the deal. He’s just so, so hilarious.


As for the Snapchat Bridies, I’ve a soft spot for Waxperts Ellen – if only for the shoe-porn!

Also, her influence is real – I found myself amazoning ‘Clothes Steamers’ after she demo’d one on snapchat*.   For the girl who will just about use a hair straightener on a collar, at a push – that’s saying something. (*I didn’t buy it – almost, but not quite.)



Then there’s Pollyanna (username: pollyjoyce), who just cracks me all the way up.

She’s a nurse who lives on her Mum’s farm in Connemara, and daily vlogs dribs and drabs of her day. She’s gas, very under-rated and totally deserves to be up there with the greats.


And finally, there’s Lorraine (username: lorrainehaigney) who snaps about beauty products, beauty blogging and slimming world. And her cat.

She’s bullshit free, very self-deprecating and also v.funny! Sure what more could ya want?!

So there ya go – obviously I’ve fifty million snap chatters in my feed; my list could go on and on (all hail King Kavanagh). Let me know of similar accounts you’d think I’d enjoy though, I’m always on the nose for a newbie!


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