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With one week (fingers crossed, candle lit) to go until we meet our lil puddin’, there are many, many things I’m literally itching to do. Disregarding the obvious baby-related things, (we don’t even know what we’re having yet so the excitement is real!), I cannot WAIT until…

  • I can sleep on my stomach…

img_8618Or sleep full stop. Without a 14 foot pillow wrapped around me (as comfy as a cocoon BUT essentially you’re wrapped in another duvet – nicht so gut at full term in a heatwave)…

Yes, yes I’m quite aware I won’t sleep again for another eighteen years (lawl/rofl/you’re all hilar) but I’m (day) DREAMING of sleeping once more on my back or stomach or however the fudge I want. Sans needing to pee every twenty minutes as well. It’s the little things, innit?

  • There’s a bottomless glass of wine glued to my hand.


I’m so, so thirsty. If all goes to plan I’ll be breastfeeding so who knows when this flashback becomes my reality once more, BUT a gal needs a straw to clutch. Literally. And also…


  • Expresso Martinis…

Double the pregnancy/breastfeeding guilt what with the alcohol AND the caffeine punch, but the craving is real. So incredibly delicious. 

  • I can SHOP again!

img_8616Or at the very least, shop my old wardrobe. And wear clothes with zips and buttons once more where elasticated waistbands once hung. Jesus H Christ, maternity clothes are horrific.

  • I can feel the burn again.


Never did I (ever, EVER) think I’d crave a workout, but I’m genuinely dying to go for a run again. Along the seafront. Headphones in, worries out!

  • De-Bloat Myself…

I thought I’d escaped the preggo retention, and to be fair I’ve been lucky dodging it ’til recently enough, but it has finally reared it’s uggo face. Bring back my jawline and ankles.

  • I can partake in the cray cray diet intentions once more.


The number of diet researching/planning/obsessing/failing opportunities I’ve missed out over the past ten months with my pals – countless. What’ll we do first?! The SIRT diet? Combined with the #BBG combined? Raw food cleanse perhaps? Can’t wait to give up the ghost on whatever we choose come lunchtime. I’ve missed it.

  • I consume ALL of the shellfish.


And all of the cheesboards…

I wonder if Deliveroo serve Holles St?

  • I can finally start using all the skincare I’ve been hoarding…


Yes yes, I’m that tragically addicted to buying skincare that I haven’t remotely stopped throughout pregnancy – even though the majority of products I’ve yet to open…. thanks to their vitamin A/essential oils/glycolic acid concentration. Very excited to shop my stash!

And finally, I can’t wait…

  • To meet Mark the Dad.


As opposed to Mark the fiancé. I’m so excited to see him with his child. Our child. Tick tock!

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  1. Ah this is cool and you know what you see a totally different side to them as a Daddy and it’s amazing – I think I love Keith more and more when I see him withTom. But yes to the shellfish and cheese… Ah best of luck xx Siobhan

  2. Aw this reminds me of the last weeks of pregnancy! I was so pumped up to get back in shape, drink all the wine and get my body back. Six months after….well i wont tell you what happened, all i can say is that im in my elasticated band pants and have a glass of red in my hand ha! x

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