Skincare I’ve Been Hoarding…

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Who knew Vitamin A lurks in pretty much every bleedin’ skincare item I’m drawn to?! As in, not even stated as a retinol/retinoid derivative but all cloak and dagger terminology, hidden within a ‘blend of vitamins’?

The ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ of pregnancy skincare is beyond enigmatic, with fifty shades of grey areas. Many advise avoiding the majority – from Retinol and BHAs to parabens/fake tan/ toluene(as in nail varnish)/anything not organic etc.  Personally I’ve ruled out anything containing Vitamin A or Hydroxy Acids, and after that, adapted a common sense approach (eg: I’m happy to use nail varnish provided it’s applied in a well ventilated area).

Being with child has not put a hold on me purchasing contra-indicated skincare though, Hell Naw! I’ve been happily growing my beauty stash for use post partum. Starting with –

Adore this mask; it’s divine. The eye gel however is new to me – and I’m très excited to test it out. Image’s Vital C range contains Vitamin A in small concentrations… It’s probably grand to use in pregnancy as the amount absorbed would be minute, but the guilt for me would be too great.

Same goes for Dermalogica’s AgeSmart line – The Vitamin A concentration is low, but still. No need to risk it either. And so, I’ve stocked up on their

All of which I’ve used before, and all of which I love. ‘Specially the mask and primer!

Speaking of Dermalogica, I’m hoping to use their Ultrarich Body Cream once more post pregnancy. This FYI is totes safe in pregz, but I randomly had a (severe) allergic reaction to it – resulting in being misdiagnosed with Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy and all. My bad. I splashed out on a super large tub of the stuff months ago, after reading rave reviews of it’s stretch mark prevention abilities. I rarely react to new skincare so I’m hoping it was just a pregnancy thaang!

  • Teeth Whitening Strips!

Pre-pregnancy I used (and adored) Crest Whitening Strips every once in a while, until a few months before I conceived, where my lil teeth were a lil sensitive. Fast forward to forty weeks pregnant and it’s been over a year since I’ve used any such whitening strip. Thanks to June’s Look Fantastic’s Beauty Box I’ve a couple of Mr. Blanc strips lurking in my bathroom cabinet just waiting to be tried out. Cannot wait!

I know I did – until a week or two ago when I randomly won a tub of Alpha-H’s Sleep Power Peel for myself and my pal. Happy days. The reviews for this retinol/glycolic acid  treatment are insanely complimentary, so I can’t wait until I can test it out (although it can’t be used whilst breastfeeding either though, tear tear. May have to just pass this on to a friend).

Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate and Midnight Recovery Concentrate – OB.SESSED! How these are unsuitable in pregnancy is beyond me! (The essential oils contained in ’em can apparently induce early labour – might whack some on right now so, Lolz).

I adore Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate – so much so that it was the star of one my very first blog posts (Read here!)… I’d imagine I’ll be literally flooring my way through these two in the first few weeks with my newborn!

And finally…

Image Iluma Intense Lightening Serum –

The holy grail for hyperpigmentation issues! It really is true that your skin’s pigmentation sensitises in pregnancy – I noticed my freckles darkening after just one afternoon in the (March FFS!) Irish sunshine without SPF on my décolletage. Ditto to a scar on my neck – what had all but vanished is definitely more noticeable at the moment. I’ve used this serum in the past but never religiously – I’ll keep ya posted on my thoughts post proper use!

Sure I’ll be only gorgeous with everything here to help my way! 

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