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I’m not actually quite sure if viewers want to read such posts – but the intrusive, nosy part of me loves seeing what’s in other blogger’s  trash. A recently imposed spending ban on beauty related purchases has me upping the anti and finally getting through some of my stash.

Starting with Dermalogica, I’ve finished up their Precleanse and Total Eye Cream.

Precleanse is an amazing cleansing oil which breaks down the day’s grime from your visage, along with waterproof make-up, sunscreen etc. Before purchasing this little gem, I was using micellar water to remove my make-up. My skin type is quite normal – thankfully I don’t suffer from too many breakouts, but it does air on the dehydrated side. I found this incredibly hydrating and nourishing, and pretty much from the first use my skin looked and felt more hydrated. In hindsight I guess it’s luck of the draw whether this was due to introducing a cleansing oil in general, or actually the Precleanse itself.

Will I purchase it again?! Originally when this bottle was coming to an end, I had it proverbially boxed into my holy grail must-haves. How and ever, I then picked up the Body Shop’s Camomile Cleansing Oil on recommendation by Amelia Liana, and have to admit it’s the perfect dupe and half the price. I will definitely repurchase Precleanse again, but for now, when funds are low, and there’s no compromising quality, the Camomile Cleansing Oil wins.

As for Dermalogica eye-creams, they’re the boss. I’m FANATICAL about eye creams at the mo. This stems back to less than a year ago when my boss (a cosmetic surgeon) lovingly pointed out the first signs of aging (unprovoked may I declare) around my eyes. I was blissfully ignorant at the time, but my naivity was robbed, and the seed of irrationality planted. (I’m 27 in case you’re wondering.) I’ve since bombed my way through many’s the eye cream, and Dermalogica’s ‘Total Eye Care Cream’ is up there with the greats. It’s incredibly soothing on the eye area, depuffs the dreaded bags, and lightens dark circles. Very little else to say on the topic, bar that it’s a winner in my (well hydrated) eyes.

I literally have a drawer full of eye potions, and so once ‘Total Eye Care’ was a goner, I tried out an eye serum from my stash rather than repurchasing; Dr. Organic’s Rose Eye Serum. It does not compare at all – it’s grand as an under-eye moisturiser but definitely doesn’t fit  it’s predecessor’s shoes.

When repurchasing the Dermalogica eye cream, I actually panicked upon seeing another, more intensive version – Dermalogica’s ‘Intensive Eye Repair Cream’, and went with this instead. Oh my Lord, it’s beautiful. It’s insanely rich; it literally glides on like the creamiest butter in existance (in a good way). I am OBSESSED. The ‘Total Eye Repair’ IS amazing though, and if you’ve oily or problem skin, it’s the way forward as the intensive one could possibly be too rich.

Then on to one of my all time favourite brands – La Roche Posay. In my opinion LRP is totally underrated. It’s packaging and marketing is never going to compete with other companies, and so as a brand I find it’s always slightly under the radar. However, their skincare is failsafe.

The La Roche-Posay Hydraphase Intense moisturiser is a go-to of mine. I hate mornings – I’m always late – resulting in a quick, unfussed morning beauty routine. My skin can get quite dry, so I love long-lasting moisturisers, but I definitely don’t have the time to wait for heavy creams sinking in, before applying make-up.  Here this little winner steps in. It’s super-hydrating (containing hyaluronic acid), and melts in to the skin in seconds. Done. Will I repurchase?! Yes, always.

LRP Lipikar Baume is a hydrating balm for extremely dry, irritated skin. I was given this at a pharmacy event, otherwise to be honest I never would have tested this out. If you suffer with any inflammatory skin conditions (dermatitis, eczema etc), this moisturiser is a great product to have on standby – as with all LRP it’s paraben and fragrance free. I used this as a body moisturiser after showering, and it did the job well. The packaging however annoyed me, there’s still a lot of product left in the tube but it takes a whole lotta elbow grease to squeeze it out. It’s also available in a pump dispenser as well though, which I guess rectifies that. Realistically I probably won’t buy this myself, not that I had any issues with it but it’s aimed at those with extremely dry skin conditions.

The Image MD Reconstrucive serum has since been reformulated, so there’s not too much point in a detailed review. This is a hydrating serum, aiming to moisturise, tighten, and brighten the skin. I finished this for the sake of it, but noticed absolutely no benefit to my skin whilst doing so. It smells lovely and feels quite soothing on the skin, but it comes with a high-end price tag that it can’t justify.

I’m such a Soap and Glory fan – ever since I did a bit of research on the brand, and discovered it was created by the same lady who created Bliss (the luxury spa skincare brand not the nineties magazine). S&G are definitely a LOVE/HATE thing, as they’re products are heavily fragranced which obviously isn’t going to appeal to everyone.

The ‘Sugar Crush Body Scrub’ is a brown sugar scrub, blended with lime and almond oil. It smells incredible – all lime and sweetness, and does an excellent job and sloughing away any scaly skin, (without leaving your skin red or inflammed). The pot lasts for ages as well, I definitely got a couple of months out of it. I’ve a plethora of other scrubs to use up before repurchasing this, but provided I can nab this in a 3 for 2 at Boots, it’s going to happen.

I’m a major fan of the shower gel/body moisturiser hybrids doing the rounds at the mo’. There’s nothing worse than moisturising the freezing bod post shower. I got the S&G ‘Whipped Clean Shower Butter’ in a Christmas giftset, and I am absolutely head over heels with it. Of all the S&G range, this has the most gorgeous scent, and that ain’t no mean feat. It smells INCREDIBLE. It’s fragranced with sweet vanilla, pistachio, and almonds, and honest to God I’d eat it from the tube. It’s super rich and turns your shower experience up a notch. I have repurchased by the bucket.

Finally I thought I’d throw another shower gel/moisturiser into the game, purely as we’re already on the topic. Nivea do a lovely range of these as well – and as far as I know I’ve tried them all. They have that distinct Nivea homely scent which is always a winner. They don’t lather as well as the S&G alternative, but for less than half the price I guess something’s gotta give. I’ve just picked up a newbie to the  Nivea line – an after-sun version which I’m guessing will be super hydrating. I’ll let you know!

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