Preg Preppin’ (Mama Bloggers I’ve been stalkin’!)

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Excluding home renovations, I’ve actually done very little so far in preparation for my mini me. Zero pregnancy books have been read, nor have we booked in just yet for any pre-natal classes. (They’re on the list). And whilst I’d adore the luxury of afternoon naps a la everyone’s advice, my long ass working day prevents such hobbies #ShouldHaveDoneTeaching.

I’m – possibly too naively?! – of the opinion that nothing will prepare us for such a change ’til we’re thrown in at the shitty nappy deep end anyway. Now before y’all call social services, I’m not entirely clueless –  I’m dealing with pregnant women (and babies, obv) on the daily at work. I’m more or less fluent in their ailments, and what to avoid, what to look out for blah blah blah. But as for practical preparation – nada.

How and ever, I have become addicted to a few pregnancy/mama related social media peeps, and am finding their day-to-day recaps incredibly  insightful. So if you too are pregnant, and also avoiding all those paleo/ vegan/ gluten-free baby books, check these Bettys out!


  • Starting with Eimear Varian Barry – obsessed! Eimear is a London model/photographer by way of Cork, and is HILARIOUS! I started following her on snapchat (@eimearvarianbarry) when she was heavily pregnant, and subsequently watched her snap the lot – contractions, breastfeeding dramz, nappy rashes….

She reminds me of my friends (none of whom have kids/none of whom I can imagine with kids) yet she’s totally in control and loving it. Conclusion: Seeing her daily updates makes me feel a hell of a lot calmer about my world being weeks away from being turned upside down.

  • I never got the whole Saccony Joly phenomenon ’til I became preg… I’m now strung out on the fam. I’ve watched each and every youtube video from Anna Saccone’s pregnancy playlists, where she filmed week by week updates during her two pregnancies. She describes everything from episiotomies to week by week ailments/weight gain/symptoms – no bars hold!


  • Tiffany D has a similar style YouTube account to Anna Saccone, and as above her channel (MakeupByTiffanyD) takes ya though the whole nine yards, including her cesarean recovery. Worth a gawk!
  • I’m also LOVING following Aaryn William’s pregnancy, who is a couple of weeks ahead of me and super, SUPER into it! Aaryn (an all-American Texan) is  incredibly dramatic/entertaining/lovable. Her pregnancy weight gain struggles are hilarious, plus her excitement for Skylar (daughter in waiting!) is contagious.


  • Also worth a mention whilst surfing the ‘tube is Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends). Whilst her channel is definitely more beauty related than pregnancy themed, there is the odd sprinkling of baby talk throughout. Ruth’s tone is incredibly blunt and honest, which I adore. You can also stalk her via her baby blog (The Uphill) which is fantastic, highly recommend!


  • Of course for Irish high street maternity OOTDs, Pippa O’Connor is total inspo! Not quite sure how she manages to look gorgeous, heavily pregnant, teeny tiny and flawless all at once!

  • As for blogs/forums, Mummy Pages pretty much has all questions answered, and as it’s an Irish site its recommendations are generally easily sourced.
  • Finally, whilst I’ve no parenting hardbacks to speak of, I have succumbed to the What To Expect app, which if nothing else keeps me updated with fruit comparisons of the little baba (as of today it’s apparently a cucumber)….

So who/what am I missing?! Holler to me with more blogs/bloggers to follow! xo

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