The Post-Baby Body Blitz

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The Daylight Savings!

The stretch!

The sunshine!

Could it actually be summer?! Eh, slow down there please, I’m not actually ready.* 


Can I blame my Mum Tum on Baby Pearl? To be honest, at almost eight months port-partum – No I can not! And I wasn’t sporting rock hard abs when she was but an embryo either.  Am I addicted to sugar and allergic to exercise? Yes Ma’am.

BUT my intentions are in the right place – and they’re currently full of notions and fitspo on Day One of a 28 Day Challenge.

Why am I telling y’all this?

Fret not – I’m not going to turn all #IrishFitfam on you – not a fear of that. I’m merely hoping by publicly announcing my bootcamp thang, I’ll have to basically not give up after 24 hours. And so I’ll be doing my reps of lifting the er, weights for the next four weeks whilst (fingers crossed) decreasing the daily chocolate intake and hopefully you won’t know me come May. I’ll be all clavicles and legs, no biggie. 

In all seriousness though, I actually don’t know how so many of you Mamas do it. I’m already struggling to plan out my classes in synch with a babysitter. Nightmare. But also – first world problem, I’m well aware. Well jeal of those with their own mothers close by though.

Anyway, exercise plays only the teensiest tiniest role in my opinion – it’s all about the food you (aren’t) consuming. At least for your size if not your health, if you know what I mean. Little pickers wear big knickers and all that. Having breastfed for the past seven months my appetite is currently insatiable, and I kinda got away with it until recently – I’ve started reducing some of Pearl’s feeds and with this has come more-snug jeans.

An old fashioned sugar detox is what I’m in dire need of.  The struggle is v. real though when you’re battling constant sleep deprivation.

Then there’s the whole dieting being non-compatible with being sociable debacle. So we’ll see how week one of bootcamp goes… I’ve dinner with friends tomorrow night to stay strong throughout, a wedding on Friday, a 30th birthday dinner/drinks on Saturday night…

Who’s with me?! The Pharmer’s Phit Pham!

(As for the imminent opening of Lululemon in a couple of days – Ready!)


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  1. 14 months later im still struggling. Granted after the 12 month mark my weight has dropped to a close pre-baby state and i can fit in “most” of my old clothes. What im struggling with is the flab: mum tum and pancake bottom. With work and minding Sophia 4 days i just honestly dont have a minute or a 24/7 babysitter. You CAN DO IT! x

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