Pixi Glow Tonic (with a bit of The Hirons thrown in)…

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Possibly a decade late to the game, but I’ve been using  Pixi Glow Tonic steadily (and finally!) for a good four months now. Having reached cult status* many years ago, I’m not quite sure what took me so long to add this exfoliating toner to my regime… Possibly because I’m not that into toners in general.

*On a ‘cult status’  side note, I always lawl at such terms and think of Saul Bennett circa ’96. Anyone else, no?!

But back to the tonic – ’tis a tonic alright and I love it!

If you’re not familiar with Pixi Glow, this is a gentle AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) exfoliating toner  that promises to smoothen, brighten and perfect your skin. If you’re afraid to introduce an ‘acid’ on your skincare shelf – don’t be. There’s nothing burning/harsh/drying about this at all – if anything it’s the total opposite. It’s been labelled by Queen Hirons as a P50 Toner dupe (another ‘cult’ favourite!), but is far more affordable and accessible. I bought mine from Marks and Spencers (€23.50 for 250ml), but the likes of Cloud10 and Cult Beauty are also stockists.

Ingredients wise the biggie here is  5% glycolic acid (gently exfoliates) whilst it’s also heavy in aloe vera (soothes and hydrates). There’s also horse chestnut (stimulates circulation), ginseng (oxygenates) and fructose (brightening). It’s also oil-free, alcohol free and hypoallergenic.


I’ve been using this once daily at night (although it’s safe to use twice daily if that’s your thang) and have been reaping the rewards. I slathered my face in the stuff the first time I used it, and was convinced my skin felt softer after the one go!

However I toned (touché) it down from therein, using only a respectable amount after cleansing. And I’ve surprised myself by actually keeping it up day in, day out. Simply because (a) it absorbs quickly, making it an easy extra step to take and (b) the results are pretty much instant gratification. My skin definitely brightened/plumped up after a week’s use (actually probably less time wise), and is noticeably smoother to touch.

I’ve been functioning on the most minimal of sleep over the past few months (that’d be the newborn), and my skin hasn’t died a death. Coincidence?! Possibly, but I like to think that thanks to the glycolic daily exfoliation, Pixi Glow has optimised my entire routine by letting every other lotion, potion, serum and oil sink in and work their magic. Makes sense, no?

The ultimate test – will I repurchase? 100%.

And as for Dame Caroline, she is just fabulous! I fangirled my way to the Pixi Roadshow last week when she was in town…

The main tip I brought home with me, is not to be too gentle when using acids. Caroline explained how rubbing a glycolic-dampened cotton pad around your face pales in comparison to actually scrubbing your skin with it. Simples. Obviously take it easy and use cotton wool over a brillo pad, but she advised not to be afraid of your skin turning a tad red after use. This is just simply blood flowing to the surface (provided you’re not having an allergic reaction, but the odds are in your favour) – It’s a good thing and will return to normal within minutes. So there ya go!

I also got to quiz Caroline one on one on her favourite eye creams. She recommended IS Clinical and Merumaya among others, but basically advised to stick with ‘clinical’ brands. I told her I’m currently using Image Vital C Eye Cream but wasn’t that impressed – Her response was utter shock at how obsessed the Irish are with Image Skincare! Lolz. I don’t think it’s her cuppa at all. And on another note, I’ve also now added the Pixi Rose Oil Blend to my list – it sounds and smells divine.

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