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This little journal of mine has taken a serious hit since summer, with many a stale draft lurching behind the scenes, never to be published. I have however been meaning to share my thoughts on LVL lashes since, oh, about August. So to all those millions of fans out their holding their breath, you may exhale… Today’s the day.

To backtrack, mascara is undoubtedly my desert island essential. My eyelashes are naturally quite long and curly if I say so myself, BUT as God doesn’t give with both hands, they’re also pretty fair in shade. And so without mascara I’m beyond the realms of naked. I’m also not into falsies at all at all (although I do keep meaning to pick up some SoSueMe strips to see what the fuss is all about), and nor do I like ‘stenos(!).

I was however very intrigued by what LVL Lashes claims to bring to the table, and so when a nearby salon was offering a complimentary mani* with every LVL treatment I booked in. (*As previously mentioned this was many, many moons ago and subsequently said offer is long kaputt).

LVL Lashes, (standing for ‘Length, Volume and Lift’) is an eyelash treatment promising the appearance of thicker, fuller lashes without using extensions. It does this by straightening the hair at the root, giving the effect of longer, lifted eyelashes. The entire process takes around fifty minutes and when done correctly the effects should last in or around six weeks.

Needing my nails done for a wedding that weekend regardless, I booked into Burgundy Beauty and was ready to be LVL-ified to the max. After a standard patch test (behind the ear/minimum of 48 hours pre-treatment), I was good to go.

Before LVL, sans makeup/filter!

My pre-treatment, baldy naked eyelashes

My therapist began by protecting the lower lashes with a guard, before placing a silicone shield on my eyelids, above my lash line. I was given the choice of three shield sizes, with the smallest giving the most dramatic effect, and the largest giving the least dramatic (obvz). My lovely therapist (Zanda I think her name was) advised me to go with the medium shield, as my natural eyelashes were already quite lifted.

A ‘glue’ solution was then applied, causing the hairs to adhere to the guard and subsequently ‘lift’ them. This stage took around fifteen minutes and was followed by an eyelash perm – ensuring any pesky strays got lifted, too. My lashes were then tinted, and lastly, a conditioning treatment was applied.

All in all, the whole process took less than an hour. There’s zero pain involved, although it’s very fiddly and if you’re the kind of person who can’t keep their eyes closed for a quick eyelash tint then it’s definitely not for you. There’s a therapist continuously pressing at your eyes for the entire duration, so some of y’all may find it claustrophobic.

I on the other hand, found the  entire treatment relaxing. (It is however, probably worth noting that when getting this done I was a mere two weeks postpartum and incredibly sleep deprived. This was my first time peeled away from Pearl, and an hour of forced shut eye was by no means an arduous task).

Aftercare wise, you can’t get your eyelashes wet for 24 hours, and that is pretty much it… Very straightforward.

Above is the immediate ‘Before/After’ result post treatment.

So how did I get on with my post-treatment lashes I hear you ask?!

It’s a ten outta ten from me. I originally panicked the morning following my treatment, when a little clump of eyelashes fell out (probably totalling five hairs). Thankfully that was it – no more fall out and the results were impressive from the get go. The lift/curl as seen below lasted over the six week mark for me – I got around eight weeks from mine. Obviously not as tightly lifted towards the end, but still a noticeable difference to my bare lashes pre-treatment. Excuse the deathly-tired eyes btw, as I said I was disgustingly sleep deprived for all these shots!

Lashes after LVL, with no makeup

One negative to the treatment was how much trickier applying liner to the upper lid was, thanks to the tighter curl. But sure look – first world problems and all that.


The effects are, in my opinion, as good as (non-extreme looking!) eyelash extensions, but without the effort. And I can count five separate occasions after the treatment where friends asked had I got extensions. So there ya go!

With a full face of make-up, the results were less obvious (as above), but for natural makeup days (slash no makeup days AKA every day for me these days, sigh) the treatment is well worth its proverbial weight.

But will I reinvest in the treatment?

Yaaaaas! Most definitely. I’m planning to splash out on them before Christmas, and they’ll hopefully do me for a trip Stateside a few weeks thereafter. Winning. And I’ll be returning to Burgundy Beauty for the treatment – highly recommend. Fab treatment rooms, quality service and my therapist was lovely.

***(Do I need to state I PAID FOR THIS TREATMENT?! Hashtag Not an Ad!)

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