One Twenty Sixteen Recap

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Those #BestOf2016  ‘gram uploads have me feeling all nostalgic…

Twenty Sixteen; The year the world would rather not acknowledge. Awkwardly for me though, it’s been the Best! Year! Ever! I mean, globally it’s been horrendous of course but sure look. Nobody here is reading this for the politics. And perhaps in a decade or so, when Reeling in the Years montages this year’s highlights, we’ll all eh, laugh?!


To be honest, the past twelve months have been the definition of a blur. Seven twelfths spent anticipating the arrival of Pearl, and another five months spent obsessing over her every breath. In one nutshell that’s my ’16. Fin.

Crack that nutshell open though, and there’s layer upon layer of ginorm change. I’m just such a different person now to that of December 2015 (to be read in a Kim K voiceover)...

Honestly though, I’m lolling at the dramz in my 2015 flashback, all hating on 2014. (Gas! FYI over a crappy (very crappy to be fair) work situation which is so incredibly irrelevant to me now! The lolz!).  I guess having a baby does that to ya though – changes your entire world, along with your perception of everything in it. Everything around me has changed – literally all of my relationships, literally every single thing I do all day, literally all of my thoughts and opinions.

The Pharmer’s Journal has taken a serious hit since Little Pea’s arrival. The long and short of it being I’m running forever on limited time and 1% battery. I obvz had the best of intentions to daily blog on maternity leave, yet Queen Pea is almost five months old and not a hand’s turn has been done. Honestly though, it’s been a tricky one as I’m loathe to post too much about Baby P, and she is literally the air I breathe at the moment. Also too (not that it’s much of an excuse) – I’ve been minimal on all beauty fronts this year – pregnancy and breastfeeding brings with it a tendency to avoid products with fragrances and the likes. I couldn’t give two f*cks about what highlighter Gigi is wearing for now. (Jokes – obviously I’m still obsessed).


But as for twenty seventeen, I’m on it. The intentions are high and mighty! I shall be rich and skinny and minimalistic. (But not so minimal as to not have necessary hygge bits). I shall also be v. organised, and I’ll finally start yoga.

How about you? You there, reading this! Thanks to all of you who have interacted with me via this lil  journal in 2016. Much love, and Happy Everything! xo

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