One Twenty Fifteen Recap

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The main reason I’m excited for midnight is the pro-activity I plan on the new year bringing – No more festive carb loading (the relief!), no more extreme Netflix binging (six syllables – Making A Murderer), no more procrastination

But obviously I love food, Netflix and being lazy far, far too much to believe that in a mere few hours I’ll actively transform into a skinny, scabby morning person. Besides who can stand those betchez?!

I have however decided that 2016 is going to be mighty fine – and I’m holding myself to that. After a pretty rot twenty-fourteen, this past year has been fantastic (although I’m afraid I’ll jinx my luck by admitting so)…

January saw me hike the Atlas Mountains (for a day – don’t get too carried away there now), which was an incredible experience. That whole Moroccan trip was amazing, actually… (Click Here to catch up on my Marrakesh adventure).



Springtime took me to Rome in celebration of my boyfriend’s 30th birthday. This was probably my favourite trip of the year in hindsight. (Blog available to read here!)

I fell absolutely head over heels in love with the Eternal City; so much so that we spent another night there a mere few weeks ago.


Early summer resulted in the start of The Pharmer’s Journal – something that has brought me so much contentment. After following too many other bloggers for years, I finally started my own piece of the internet on a complete whim – and I’m beyond delighre i took the plunge.

I can’t quite believe that in a few short months, (some!) people are actually reading what I have to say (that’d be you!), and for that I’m incredibly grateful. I know my blog is totally irrelevant in comparison to most, but for me it’s become my favourite ‘thing’, and I hope to develop and improve it more throughout the upcoming new year.

I’ve received requests for more diet/health related posts, and so with the new year’s inevitable good intentions, will hopefully come some relevant material.

As of right now I’d feel farcical to preach wellness when I’ve been nothing but a gluttonous disgrace of late. And by late, I mean the last year really – I’m entering 2016 pretty much a stone heavier than 2015 which is appalling really! But I guess it’s something to be proactive about as of tomorrow…

I’ve also received requests for fashion posts, which scare me greatly truth be told! I’m very much an ankle boots, Topshop jeans and Zara top kinda girl – hardly ‘on-trend’, and subsequently I’ve never claimed to be a fashion blogger at all. I also look super morbidly obese in all photos at the moment which is an obvious deterrent for any such ‘OOTD’ posts! Plus there’s the whole ‘needing a person to take photographs’ conundrum. But such is life, perhaps I’ll bite the bullet soon – it may be the kick up the arse needed to shift that poxy stone!

Summertime brought me to France twice – Firstly on a city break to Paris, and secondly to the always stunning South of France for some much needed sun-on-skin time.

There’s literally nowhere I’m happier than swimming in the sea, and when combined with French wine, food, shopping, vineyards; the Côte d’Azur is  my go-to destination for a short-flight holiday.


Autumn brought with it a promotion professionally, and thanks to that I’m now a supervising pharmacist… Something i thought little of at the time, but now looking back it’s something I’m allowing myself to be proud of!

Winter brought Christmas, which has been wonderfully eventful to me. My recent jaunt to the perfection that is Florence  gave me an engagement ring and a whirlwind ending to the year… And so I’m leaving this year feeling far too young to be a fiancée, but also incredibly excited for what lies ahead.


Who knows what 2016 will bring? 

The most sincerest wishes of happiness to all for the New Year – I know how hard this time of year is to many – and Hopefully 2016 will be a kind year to all! xo

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