Olaplex Review: Six Weeks On…

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I first discovered Olaplex circa Kim Kardashian’s Italian Vogue cover (early 2015) where she went platinum blonde from dark brunette in literally two seconds… Originally casting it off as yet another Brazilian BlowDry type treatment, I didn’t test the waters ’til early December, when curiosity killed the cat.

What the fudge is Olaplex I hear you say?!

Developed in the US last year, and subsequently hailed as the ‘Holy Grail’ of hair treatments, Olaplex is a three step system, which works by repairing broken bonds within each indiviual hair shaft – and thereby improving the texture and condition of your hair.

It’s real selling point however, is that whilst it can be used as a stand-alone deeply conditioning treatment, it can also be used as part of the hair-colouring process. – And that part there is exactly what sucked me in!

I’m very hard to please re hair conditoning treatments – My frizzy mane is naturally curly, dry AND highlighted so it needs all of the help. I’ve lost count of how many 12 Week Blowdries/16 Week Blowdries/Brazilian Blowdries/Japanese Blowdries I’ve tried…. Most of which were disappointing if not also incredibly damaging.

(In saying that, I did try Aveda’s 16 Week Blowdry treatment last summer, (Review: Here) which has been my favourite of that general genre – ‘though my hair never did look blowdried after washing… well without blowdrying, obvz!).


How and ever; Back to Olaplex.

I was (badly) due some highlights pre-Christmas, and so I decided to try out the Olaplex/Highlight hybrid and see was it really worth the hass’.

I tested the treatment out at The Hair Spa (Roscommon Town) whilst visiting the ‘rents for a weekend, and opted for the highlights/olpalex hybrid, as opposed to a stand-alone hair-repairing treatment.

With regards to its in-salon application, I didn’t notice the difference at all in comparison with regular highlights – same time taken, same process for the highlights etc. Leaving the salon, my hair felt smoother and stronger, (which is always the way after a professional blowdry I guess!).

However since I’ve washed and styled it myself multiple times, I’ve definitely noticed less hair breakage, less damage and all around less frizz. Now, my hair is still by no means sleek without some heat styling, BUT it’s undoubtedly more conditioned overall, which is rarely the way after a half head of bleach.

FYI I left out step 3 of the treatment (the at-home hair masks), at the advise of my hair stylist, who regarded it as a money spinner from the brand rather than anything actually more beneficial than an intensive hair mask.

Would I get olaplex without bleaching my hair? Probably not, but as a way of making highlights less damaging, it’s an absolute must for me from now on. The ends of my hair are finally thickening up again, and I’m hoping that this is the cure for hair that refuses to grow past a certain length (aka: damaged/bleached/heat styled hair)!

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