My Pregnancy… Six Months In

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Next week makes me seven whole months preg #whaaat.

Up ’til now I’ve avoided pregnancy related posts on The Pharmer’s Journal; for fear of jinxing myself – as for the most part I’ve been flying along. How and ever, with the third trimester mere days away I feel it’s time to deal!

I’m so excited, SO SO excited for our little summer baby to arrive! Only in the last couple of weeks has it actually sunk in; my bump has finally popped and the little bean has started somersaultin’ around the place. Cray cray. As for nesting, we’re knee deep at the mo in home renovations. (And once the builders have exited the building, I’ll make shapes on ticking off the baby haul list!).

The first twelve weeks were, as to be expected, the longest. We found out I was pregnant at Christmas – times were tough trying to dodge the binge drinking debauchery without rousing suspicion. Come January it was plain sailing though, and we managed to not divulge to a soul ’til after our twelve week hospital scan.

Trimester One I’d compare to a constant mild hangover – a general feeling of exhaustion/ hyper emotions/ mildly headachy/ sensitive stomach (although no projectile)… But all in all I’ve been bombing along, more or less forgetting I’m with child ’til the wine starts flowing (literally dyyying for a bottle of wine).

My only major preggo ailment ’til now was at eighteen weeks, when I developed a HORRIFICALLY itchy rash on my legs. The diagnosis – PEP (Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy). Not gonna lie, this was torturous, as you obv can’t take anti-histamines or use steroid creams when pregnant. My GP (male, obviously) told me it would go by itself after the labour #TaLuv. How and ever, after two (sleepless) weeks of intense natural remedies the dreaded itch f*cked off… And in hindsight, I think it was actually a severe allergic reaction to a moisturiser (Dermalogica’s Ultra Rich Body Cream fyi). Ya live and learn!

Sooo… other than that it has been plain sailing. Weight wise, I’ve gained in or around ten pounds so far; most of which has been piled on in the last couple of weeks thanks to the current home improvement situ/no kitchen/eating out/ordering in. And as for the bump, I finally started to ‘show’ circa late five months-ish. This is actually something they don’t tell you – the majority of your pregnancy is spent looking chub rather than preg (although maternity clothes are pretty heinous – I’m glad I haven’t needed to spurge on too much so far).

Which brings me to my final point. What SHOULD I be splurging on?! I’d love to hear from all you baby mamas – Joolz vs iCandy? Is the Cocoonababy as amazing as they say? Moses basket vs crib? We are as clueless as they come re baby paraphernalia – I’ve no friends with offspring, no nieces, no nephews… So feel free to pass on your knowledge!

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  1. Congrats again! I would get the moses basket AND a crib. I didnt think i need a moses basket and by chance, we got one gifted. Sophia lived in it for about 6 weeks and it was perfect because she was so tiny. After that she moved in her Ikea big crib, where she’ll probably reside for at least a year.

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