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Alt-J and Caribou are two of my favourite artists at the mo, and so it was pretty much a given I was going to be attending Longitude this year. The Chemical Brothers are also up there, as is Todd Terje. 

I’ve yet to miss a year of the Marley Park festival, ever since it was launched back in the yesteryear of 2013, but this year’s line up was undoubtedly to beat the band – Pun intended.

I wasn’t gonna bother writing about Longitude as it’s not exactly beauty related, nor keeping with the theme of my blog – BUT I feel the need to express the sheer tragicness of the vast majority of the Irish ladies in attendence. SRSLY! We are one uggo nation!


 I obviously didn’t get the email on the Basic Bitch uniform – aka: denim hot pants with your arse hanging out and a ‘boho chic’ headband/flowercrown contraption. Like I’m all for free choice but after three days of girls’ flab in my face… Seriously, put it away. Y’all look so tryhard. And as for the wellies in a manicured lawn with no mud… 

Unfortunately I’ve no photos to prove the Tallafornia vibes of the  Coachella wannabes (I wasn’t really on my camera-game), but I’m sure you can imagine their freezing limbs flailing around in the freeze temps.


How and ever, I digress! The weekend was amazing, with Chemical Brothers being my personal highlight. I spent most of the weekend floating between  the TXFM Tent and Sound Atlas, with a whole lot of everything else mixed in. Todd Terje played a blinder as always, as did Jungle and La Galaxie.

It’s presumably the geriatric in me peering out it’s ugly head – but I love how Longitude isn’t camping… I guess it’s pretty crap if you’re not living in Dublin/have friends in the area, but after many an (amazeballs at the time) festival camping in muck, I don’t think I quite have it in me anymore… ‘Yes Please!’ to a cosy bed and hot shower when you’ve been drankin’ all day errrday.


The weather this year was pretty shit – cold, windy and wet  which I guess is what almost makes an Irish festival in the end –  Glad I missed that Basic Bitch Brigade email!


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