Little Pea

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After one helluva hiatus, I’m back…

Excuse the lack of blogposts lately – I’ve been otherwise engaged with my perfect little duchess. Born eight weeks ago (my oh my!), Pearl changed my world And I’m now uncontrollably obsessed with my little doll. She is just *sigh*…

I’m currently happily engulfed in all that the forth trimester entails – the nursing, the sleep deprivation, the skin-on-skin contact. The past two months (HOW has it been two months?!) have been incredibly surreal, with Pearl changing daily, hourly even and growing up far, far too swiftly. I’m no longer a mother to a newborn at all but a gorgeous little baby girl. My heart!

A little about Pea – She’s an angel to care for, with the most chilled out of personalities. Pearl obviously has her moments too of course, but generally once she’s fed and cuddled she’s in her element. Little Pea is also hilariously alert – I’m no pushy mama but she’s basically a prodigy. Exhibit A being this photo where she’s a mere few hours old – no eyes wide shut here with this beaut, just Princess Pea taking it all in as per usual.


As for me, I’m floating. Exhausted but ecstatic. All in all my insomnia has served me well, with the current lack of sleep situation not being too big a shock to the system.

Who knew motherhood could be so much fun?! The baby smiles, the gurgles, the snuggles – I wouldn’t change it for the world. Obsessed. I’ve basically spent the last eight weeks cuddling and/or staring at my queen from dawn ’til dusk.


I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding Pearl since Day One, which thankfully has all gone to plan. A couple of you have enquired about my nursing experience, and I intend to devote a full post to breastfeeding in the near future. And on that note – if you’ve any other newborn related questions hollah to me and I’ll do my best.

And on THAT note, apologies if you follow me for the beauty related paraphernalia as opposed to the baby – I’m still skincare obsessed, I promise!




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