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So Nollaig na mBan has been and gone, the scales have been stood on and Christmas is most definitely over and out. My clothes don’t fit. I feel horrendous. Don’t tell a soul ’cause I know 2018 is all ‘New Year, Old Me’, but – I’m feeling the fresh new starts of yesteryear. The final quarter of TwentySeventeen was all yin no yang for me – starting a new job brought with it crazy long hours, all the convenience food and all of the muffin top. Furthermore, moving house in December brought with it the harsh realisation I’ve a roomful of clothes that won’t go up my baby toe at the moment, and so – something’s gotta give. Aka my waistband. (Que Sigur Rós in the background). 


The auld hashtag goals list for TwentyEighteen is overflowing – Goals, goals, goals, goals – goals I do adore. I won’t bore you with my generic plan of action (sleep more, spend less blah blah blah). However I think some achievable healthiness POA may be up your street if you too are feeling the bloat. And so, I intend to follow my own advice and –

  • Aim for 10,000 steps a day.  This time last year I invested in a gorge lil Kate Spade pedometer fitbit tracker thing, which I swiftly had to ditch after the sleep tracker part drove me to the depths of I don’t know where. Jump forward to January 2018 and I’m no longer the owner of a cluster feeding baby – said watch is back firmly on my wrist. Already it’s forcing me to move my fat arse a bit more.

  • Speaking of sleep, or lack thereof, I’m making a conscious effort to go to bed that bit earlier, less mindless social media scrolling at night etc. More sleep = less desire to stuff ones face with pain au chocolat the following day.

  • I’ve made a list of healthy food I genuinely adore – and will be making sure my kitchen is stocked full. Make sure you actually enjoy eating all the food you ingest – don’t waste your calories on gross but healthy meals IMO! Ditto for the ‘not so good food’ – I’m far more satisfied having a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate than five bars of some rank fitfam crap, you know?!

  • I’m re-starting Ballet Barre classes – from the comfort of my own home (aka an oldschool DVD workout). Whilst I’d love to go to classes again, for me right now that’s not realistic. It’s too much hassle scheduling babysitters multiple times a week, and so home workouts will more than do for now. Find something active that you (even somewhat!) enjoy and will actually slot into your lifestyle – whether that is a team sport (hell no), walking to work, a couch to 5K, whatevs.

  • Personally I feel better when I’m running on more fruit and vegetables. I’m aiming to include at least two portions with every meal for the next while – even if it’s only adding some veg to that Friday night takeaway order, or adding some salad to that pizza. Smoothies and juices are also an easy hack to add a truckload of fruit and veg to your daily intake. My Nutribullet has been dusted off and I’m back in the game.

  • Along with the fruit and veg, I always feel better when I’m drinking all of the water. When I’m trying to up the intake, I make sure to drink two pints first thing – one I chug back upon wakening, and then one I drink as I’m getting ready. Easy!

  • Mindful eating!  Eat less calories than you require and you will lose weight. Whether that’s by watching your calories/ watching your carbs/watching your fat intake, it’s all just simple physics at the end of the day. Easier said than done obviously, but do I really need to put on the toaster whilst cooking dinner? No!

  • And finally, F*CK it! I’ll be wearing all of the black, all of the spanx, all of the Boy George double chin contouring (lolz) until I’m feeling a bit less bloated. I adore food and do not adore exercise, so what can ya do only your best!


Happy New Year to all! xo


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