July Beauty Favourites…

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So I finally bit the proverbial bullet and splashed out on Glamglow’s Brightmud towards the end of June…. And it will forever more be part of my skincare collection.


At over fifty euro for a pack of twelve, it’s pretty steep but having witnessed it’s magical powers I can totally justify the price tag. Basically, if you’ve a glamorous occasion on the horizon… You need this in your life.

No matter how tired and puffy your eyes appear, Brightmud will transform the bejaysis out of them. It’s a tingling, cooling gel with microbeads suspended throughout. You tap the gunk on around your eye area, and then wait three minutes before wiping off. Instantly your undereye is plumped and brightened, with puffiness/dark circles/fine lines completely decreased.


I’m rationing this pack and therefore have been using it only for a key occasions rather than the recommended three times weekly. I have to admit I don’t notice much of a benefit to my eye area a few days later, it is very much a quick fix (Although maybe this is due to not using it as recommended!). Long story short, it’s basically a twelve hour sleep in an eye mask.

In keeping with eye products, I’ve been in the highest realms of love with my Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm. Apparently this is Sephora’s best selling eye cream, and I totally get it – It’s amazeballs. Algenist products are based around their patented active ingredient – Alguronic Acid (a compound produced by algae which is akin to hyaluronic acid but more potent).


I picked this up in my Sephora Favourites Beauty Closet, and to be honest I probably wouldn’t have invested in it otherwise. Only because the Algenist brand itself is somewhat underrated and under-marketed, and therefore rarely in my peripheral vision. PLUS this cream is very steep, at around eighty-plus euro in Space NK.  BUT it’s everything! The Complete Eye Renewal Balm is intensely moisturising yet has the lightness of a gel, It’s insanely soothing on the eye area, and it tightens and lightens and brightens! I’ve been loving it longtime this month.


Fragrance wise, I’m still hopelessly devoted to my Wood Sage and Sea Salt. This is hands down my all time favourite, no contest, LOVE OF MY LIFE perfume.  It literally makes me happy when skies are grey. Any friend I’ve introduced it to has instantly taken a screenshot of it and added it to their list.

Jo Malone describes it as “Waves breaking white, the air fresh with sea salt and spray. Alive with the mineral scent of the rugged cliffs. Mingling with the woody earthiness of sage. Lively, spirited and totally joyful.”

Obviously that’s complete shite talk, but you know what?! it’s also the perfect description. So fresh, so clean, clean.

When I’ve been giving my Wood Sage and Sea Salt a well deserved break, I’ve been smelling of Nirvana Black, by Elizabeth and James. It’s incredibly gorgeous. I’m a die-hard Olsen fan, ever since their Full House days. I would still happily sit through So Little Time or Two of a Kind. And so obviously I needed their perfume in my life. And like them, it’s stunning.


It’s quite a heavy fragrance, definitely more of a night-time vibe. There’s definitely vanilla tones throughout with floral hints (without being sickly sweet).  It’s described as masculine and feminine, and that it is. I’m dying to get my hands on a big bottle. In love. Actually if  anyone knows where I can purchase this in Ireland, hollah to me!

Another insanely gorgeous smelling product I’ve been addicted to for July is my Nuxe Prodigieux Le Douche Shower Oil. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen me confessing my undying love for this little beauty (@thepharmersjournal).


There’s nothing quite like a high-end shower gel to upgrade your shower experience, and this Nuxe shower oil has all those perks without the hefty price tag (twelve euro isn’t too steep, is it?)… It is fabulously hydrating, with teeny gold particles throughout. Thus adding a subtle smooth sheen to your skin. The Nuxe fragrance is divine, and the scent from this really lasts on your skin for hours post shower.

Randomly I’ve also been addicted to Olbas Bath as of recent times. The geriatric in me loves to soak my rank feet in my foot spa after a hard day’s work. Olbas Bath upgrades this experience with it’s super strong eucalyptus scent. Plus it makes my sitting room smell like a spa which is never a bad thing. You can pick this up in the vast majority of pharmacies for in or around seven euro, and a little goes a long way. It’s also great for sinus congestion, whilst the natural essential oils in this solution make it great for aching muscles. ‘Tis  grand!


In the last few months, I’ve been getting into clarifying shampoos more and more. I usually use them once a fortnight, resulting in shinier, silkier hair. Which is a rarity for me. I was actually using Apple Cider Vinegar  as a clarifying rinse for a while, which to be honest worked a treat. 

However at the start of July I received a new clarifying shampoo in my July Beauty Box, and it’s an absolute beauty. I’ve used this Kebelo shampoo twice, and I’m hooked. It’s a ‘hair exfoliator’ which sounds scary but it works. Simples. Expect healthier, cleaner, more ‘virgin’ hair.


Make-up wise, this month I’ve rediscovered Benefit’s Benetint. I remember first purchasing this back in secondary school, and literally over a decade later I’ve rekindled the romance. 


I’m using it mainly as a blusher but also throwing it on my lips from time to time. It’s so sheer and subtle – perfect for these summer(ish) months. The shade is so natural, it literally just gives a barely there natural flush to the cheeks. However it’s also totally buildable should you want a deeper hue of rosy glow!


Finally, I’m literally strung out on Glow All Out (Soap and Glory). 2015 is most definitely the year I’ve fallen head over heels in love with Soap and Glory cosmetics. I’ve always loved their toiletries, but I’m quickly collecting pretty much everything in their entire collection. I love their mascara, bronzer, lip glosses… The list is endless. But the creme de la creme is this Glow All Out highlighter. LOVE! I’m  (obviously) all about highlighting at the moment, and this is my go-to. It’s subtle enough for day time use,  and won’t leave you looking like a disco ball. It gives a pink-toned candle-lit hue that is simply stunning. Unlike a lot of high-street highlighters/illuminators I’ve added to my collection (Sleek springs to mind) it has serious lasting power as well as looking all pretty (on your face and in it’s packaging!)…


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  1. Ah love Woodsage too especially with Peony & blush suede on top…. Try it!
    Glam glow is awesome I love it. I tried some Nuxe goodies last year and really wanna invest some more time on it.
    Siobhan xx

  2. Wood sage and sea salt is hands down my favourite too, reminds me of everything I love all in a bottle. I only wish it had more longevity, even over the body cream I feel it fades so fast.

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