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I started this little internet home slice in 2015. And what I originally intended on being a pharmacist-lead blog (WHAT was I thinking!?), quickly morphed into ‘Lifestyle’ territories (*cringe*).

How and ever, in the last year said lifestyle has spun 180 into that of a Mama Bear, what with the arrival of my little Sweet Pea ‘n’ all. And with her chubby little cheeks has come some very sporadic Pharmer’s Journal updates. And I miss it – I miss blogging, I miss reading blogs. I’m just Baby Pearl obsessed from dawn ’til dusk is all.

Now in saying that I’m still obsessed with all things shallow too, obv. BUT I’m low on time (and funds) to blog about beauty and holidays and so on and so forth.

I am however totally addicted to all blogs baby related at the mo, natch.

Yet I’m nervous about joining in too much on that playing field – for two reasons really, and I’d love to know your thoughts. Number One being the Mum Shaming. Number Two being the Mum Over-Sharing.

Having a baby is literally the most natural thing in the world, and provided you’re not worthy of social services knocking at your door – there really are no rules. Yet the online mafia are happy to shame and troll and tear Mamas to shreds. Breastfeeding is offensive. Formula feeding is lazy. Sleep training is cruel. Not sleep training means one OUT OF CONTROL BABA. You get the gist.

Part of me is itching to write about my experience so far of motherhood (They don’t call me Mama Earth/Kourtney Kardash for nothing ya know!), yet another part wonders ‘Why put yourself out there?’.

Then there’s the baby photos…

Christ. You’re talking to someone who ditched Facebook years ago to avoid the constant oversharing of irrelevant people. Yet I ADORE all the  ‘hashtag Mummy’ instagram accounts I follow – and to be honest, view the whole community as a virtual coffee morning type vibe. And so, I’m torn between hiding Pearl from The Pharmer’s Journal forevz. OR eh, joining the hell in. Because it’s fun!

In all seriousness, my little marshmallow is a mere six months old and her lil face changes daily. And subsequently I’m not too worried about the odd upload here and there. Also I’m VERY MUCH aware that I’m a VERY SMALL fish in a cray large pond, and really and truly no-one gives a sh*t.

But then people do give a sh*t! There’s the snapchat screen-grabbers*. I see ya’ll. So much so I ditched the app altogether for the past few months. There’s also the weirdos online. And the whole ‘everything posted online is forever’ realness.

And so the to-ing and fro-ing continues.

I’d LOVE to hear your opinions on the whole baby photo sharing/Mummy blogger debacle. Or maybe you’re just here for the beauty products and the shallow shrapnel. I’d love to hear that too! I totally get it – one gal’s yawn is another gal’s YEEOW!

Personally, I think (if I ever get the time!) I’m just going to go for it – if nothing else to answer some of your questions about baby products, breastfeeding and all that malarky…



*Why do you want a photo of a baby you don’t know you absolute freak?



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  1. I stumbled upon your blog through Instragram as your little lady is 2 days older than my little I love hearing all about your days with Pearl! I do like the mix between beauty and mommy life so hopefully you can blend the 2 successfully (just like you have been!) keep up the good work 😉 x

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