Beauty Haul: French Pharmacy ❤️💙

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I spent a week in the South of France at the start this month, armed with measly carry-on luggage restrictions, and a strict no-shopping ban. But God loves those a trier -I still managed to pick up some absolute gems on my trip. French pharmacies are my absolute achilles heel, there’s nowhere I’m happier (bar the beach). I’m litch obsessed with French skincare at the mo – Guinot, La Roche Posay, Bioderma, Nuxe, Caudalie… It’s a never-ending list.

I maxed out my luggage on the flight over, and so all i had spacewise was a smidgen of space left in my boyfriend’s case, and obviously the 100ml liquid restriction consistantly reared it’s uggo head… ‘Twas the bane of my existance over there, like my favourite shower gel in the world, Nuxe Prodigieux Le Douche Shower Oil was only €7 but at 200mls I couldn’t stock up. Sad face.

Nuxe-wise, I did manage to discover a new holy grail product from the range – that being the Nuxe Hair Milk sun protection spray, which I absolutely adore. I threw this into my shopping basket before a day on the beach, with zero expectations and the sincerest intention of leaving it behind. I subsequently  fell head over heels in love with it… Why isn’t it mentioned more frequently on the blogosphere?!

In general my hair generally looks beyond vile without heat styling, but with this magical elixer my hair dried (naturally) to a frizz-free, super soft beachy wave. And it smells devine, of course. Suffice to say it came back to Dublin with me. Of course it seems to be non-existant in Ireland, and even online there’s very little mention tbh. Strange!

I also stocked up on some Nuxe Reve de Miel Baume Levres lip balm, which is an old favourite, and for obvious reasons – It’s insanely rich and incredibly hydrating. The Baume Levres balm os constantly being compared to Creme de la Mer The Lip Balm, which is no bad thang. Actually Nuxe in general is being hailed as the go-to Creme de la Mer brand dupe. I love using this lip balm as a cuticle softener as well. And I know a gal who uses it as an eye mask/balm-type hybrid… Totes multi-functional.

The final Nuxe purchase was the Nuxe Sun Lotion, and I laaaved this so frigging much. It’s an after-sun as the name may suggest, and therefore obviously insanely soothing and hydrating on the skin. I actually often use after-sun in general instead of regular body moisturisers, as they’re super hydrating and fantastic for sensitive skin. Little tip there for you! And that was the end of Nuxe purchases (I think).

Next on to Caudalie… I only purchased one product from their range, and that was the Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. I heard on the ol’ grapevine that it’s a similar but better Glamglow dupe, and so obviously I needed in. I love the packaging, and love the product. But to be honest, I’d rate Glamglow’s Youthmud a notch or two higher. Each to their own though I guess. It’s very drying on the skin so definitelty double up on some serums and moisturisers post face-mask, but it’s excellent for shrinking pores and breakouts, whilst still being relatively gentle…. (It’s not half as severe on the skin as Glamglow’s Supermud that’s fo’sho, which really aggrevated my face.)

Obvz no French trip is complete without a Bioderma Micelle Solution purchase -Has to be done. Has this ever received a less than glowing review?! I think not.

Sephora Time. By the time I hit here my/Bae’s luggage was offically maxed out. Three new pairs of shoes along with new clothes, candles (why?!), and chocolates have a tendency to do that. So the risk of Sephora damage was minimal. Wanting to try out their infamous sheet masks, I grabbed both the Pearl Mask and Rose Mask. I haven’t tried these out yet so I’ve no idea whether they’re much use, but sure look, they were only around €5 if memory serves correct so I won’t lose sleep if they’re not fabulous.

 Now onto cosmetics. There was nothing major I had my eye on to be honest, so I didn’t go too cray cray. Had Champagne Pop or the likes been available I obviously would have availed, but alas EU Sephora differs from it’s Stateside sibling. I was however reeled in by the Sephora Highlight Lowlight contour stick, the Sephora Micosmooth Baked Sculpting Trio, and the Sephora Smoothening and Brightening Concealer.

The contour stick is fab, (for all that I’ve used it), it’s subtle, creamy and blends beautifully. As for the sculpting trio  – I’ve made plenty of use out of already. The pigmentation is quite light, which I find great for a natural look post gym, when I’m not arsed layering fifty different products.

As for the concealer – ’tis mighty altogether. It’s extremely brightening on dark circles, never gathers and smoothens out fine lines. Five stars.

And that was pretty much my beauty haul complete, til I browsed Etam‘s aisles to admire their loungewear and lingerie…

I subsequently ended up picking up their Magic Up  CC cream, and two eyeshadows. Although I was familiar with Etam as a brand (wasn’t it owned by the 90’s tween heaven Tammy?!), this was my first time sampling it’s beauty range. It’s super affordable (the CC cream was around €15) and ze packaging is gorj. To be honest I’m not the biggest CC fan in general, like I’m all or nothing when it comes to bases. I’ve tried a lot of BB/CC creams since their arrival, with the only one I rate in the past being Liole BB Cream , which is pretty amaze. HOWEVER, I actually really, really like the Etude one. As in, I’ve worn it daily to work for the past week. Something about it just works – Not sure if it’s the pink and green tones throughout or wha’ but it’s brightening, evens out your  skintone and provides medium coverage whilst still maintaining that no-make up look. Very natural, very flawless.

Finally I picked up two gorgebag Etam ‘Southern Regard’ eyeshadows, in the colours ’52 Regard de Braise’ and ’57 Magic Taupe’ . I’m in love with the shades; they’re right up my street. 52 is a warm rose golden copper, and 57 is a mushroomesque browny grey taupe hue.  I’ve yet to use these two beauties so can’t comment on their quality… (Not gonna lie I totally forgot about them ’til now…) But if I’m amazed by their abilities I’ll keep ya posted!

So what did I miss?! Are their any other European must-haves I’m missing out on? I’m going to Italy next month (although again only with carry-on luggage fml) so holler to me if you’ve any suggestz!

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