Happy National Lipstick Day! (Five Current Favourites) 

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Firstly let me clarify something… Lipstick is literally last on my list.

That’s not to say I hate it, God no. I love make-up in all it’s shapes and sizes. Obviously I own ten million lipstick shades and formulations, BUT I rarely wear it. Mascara, brows, highlighter – always! But on my pout I’m more of a lip pencil/ lipgloss kinda girl. I’m not sure how, I’m not sure why… But I generally feel a bit too ‘done’ with lipstick on.

Also, why do men hate lipstick? I could literally plaster on foundation and smokey eyes like there’s no tomorrow and Bae think’s I’m make-up free – One SNIFF of colour on my lips and his face is instantly like ‘Eh, it’s a bit much’. My gal pals reiterate the same scenario – Their hairy halves are all afraid of a statement lip. Perhaps this is subconsciously where my dislike lies. Although I SRSLY doubt/hope not.

How and ever I digress; With the day that’s in it I figured I’d blog about my five current favourite lipsticks.

Bear in mind that it’s currently July, (even if its an embarrassing eleven degrees in Dublin), and subsequently the shades I’m about to discuss are all pretty bright and summer appropz. Disclaimer: A Berry lip is my all time favourite but I’ve boxed that off as wintery vibes. (Perhaps if The Pharmer’s Journal is still afloat come winter I’ll blog about a berry lip!).

My first favourite is so current it’s only a mere few hours old. I picked up Isa Dora’s Perfect Moisture Lipstick in the shade ‘Tender Rose 33’ earlier on today… (and I now have a distinct feeling it is discontinued, for  a quick google search yields poor findings).

I really like Isa Dora lipsticks – The Swedish company is quite under-rated in the realms of beauty bloggers, but I always find their lip products hydrating, pigmented and long-lasting.

The tender rose shade I picked up is perfection – It’s actually quite close to my natural lip shade, and is therefore a ‘Your shade but Better’ kinda feel. Pretty much instantly after applying a coat of this I was told my hair looked great (It didn’t – two day old post gym hair) and asked if I had lost weight (I bloody wish – must have been the lighting). What I mean is, it’s one of THOSE kinda shades, it brightens up your face without an obvious change to your look. Tender Rose is a light terracotta shade, and it’s my new favourite.

How are our feelings towards  a bright statement red lip?! My collection hides many, many variants. Most of which remain unworn due to my lack of bravery/not feeling grown-up enough.

Mac’s Lady Danger was my long-time go-to. As was Rimmel’s Kate Moss Lasting Finish in 37. However, I’ve recently discovered a L’oreal shade which I’m all about – Color Richie 461 Scarlett Creme. If memory serves correct, this was actually a gift with purchase I received from Boots at Christmas last year.

I threw it to the back of my stash casting it off as a dud ’til the shiny gold bullet  re-caught my eye. For a high-street brand, the luxe packaging is gorgeous, but it’s the formula that’s a beaut. It’s creamy and rich, with a satin finish. Also, the scent reels me back to childhood rummaging through my mother’s make up. Scarlett Creme is a stunning darkish red, and compliments all skin types (apparently but also I actually believe it!).

A twenty-fifteen lipstick list obviously has to feature a Kylie-esque shade. Again I have tried a few, none of which I think suit me greatly. And to be honest, I don’t think they suit the vast majority of girls I see trout-pouting in it either. There’s a smidgeen of a difference between what suits an Armanian skin-toned Kardashian and us poor little Celtic hunzos.

ANYWAYZ I still had to purchase Mac’s Velvet Teddy, and of course the NYX Kylie Dupe Thalia – Both of which wash me out rather than brighten me up.

However NYX’S Whipped Caviar suits me somewhat more. The difference between Thalia and Whipped Caviar is ever so slight, but Whipped Caviar is a fraction less beige. My natural lip colour is quite pinky-red, and so a lot of the beige nudes just don’t work for me. And so, Whipped Caviar is my favourite for the current Kylie trend.

On a side note, NYX lip products are amaze. I’m all about their butter glosses, lip pencils, matte lipsticks… BUT if you’re a NYX junkie it’s high time to stock-up.  L’oreal recently bought over the NYX European license and will soon be re-marketing the brand as “high-end-high-street” – as in the lipsticks will be in or around fifteen euro. Which makes me think, why not just spend the few extra shrapnel for a Mac…

Mac is probably my favourite lipstick brand. I wore ‘Girl About Town’ on pretty much every single night circa from 2007-2011. Back then I was studying in the UK, and every trip home involved a new Duty-Free Mac browse-then-purchase scenario. I’ve since become bored of their foundations and shadows, but their lipsticks still do it for me. 

A recent ‘Back to Mac’ trip resulted in me panic purchasing Mac’s Lustre Plumful. Mac describes it as a ‘Blossoming Rose Plum’, and I say ‘I love rose, I love plum’. Which explains why I think it’s only fabliss. Also I’ve since discovered it’s the Queen of Blogging Essie’s all time favourite Mac shade.

My fifth and final favourite is a toss up between Rimmel’s – Moisture Renew Rose Passion, Lasting Finish by Kate in 110, and Lasting Finish by Kate in 16.

For the sake of fairness I’ll go with the one I’ve worn the most which is Moisture Renew Rose Passion. The formula is super-hydrating, thus explaining the ‘moisture renew’, and is formulated with Vitamin A, C and E… Plus there’s SPF 18 lurking in there also.


As you may have noticed, I’m not the biggest matte fan, and these are a velvet finish which I love. The colour is bright and statement-esque – a reddish/pinkish vibe which is my go-to colour when sporting lipstick on a night out.

What are your lipstick favourites? I’m currently lusting after the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Miss Kensington or Lost Cherry -What to do, what to do…

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