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The post where you get to snoop through my trash and hear my thoughts in relation to products I’ve used up…



  • CoLab Dry Shampoo – This is definitely a marmite product, but I for one love it. It’s amazing for adding texture to your hair, and smells delicious (This is the ‘New York’ edition but I’ve tried the full range at this stage and love ’em all)…   Created my A Model Recommends it’s a relatively new dry shampoo to hit Irish shores. (It’s stocked in random Irish independent pharmacies, as well as Penneys/Primark.) I spritz my roots with this on the nights when I’m too lazy to wash and dry, then pin it up, and subsequently brush it out in the morning. I’m left with fresh, clean volumised hair, with no tell-tale white build-up. Word of warning though – If you’re hair is very greasy it may not be the dry shampoo for you – A few people have told me it does very little to mop up oily roots in comparison to more established dry shampoos such as Bastiste… I’ve already repurchased this (as I wait on my Black Nirvana dry shampoo to arrive)…


  • John Frieda Kelp Help Beach Blonde Mask – I was ecstatic at the Beach Blonde relaunch at the start of the summer… The salt spray, the summer scent, the beachy nostalgia… However the range of yesteryear is no more. The trademark coconut and suncream scent has perished! They’ve LOADED the kelp mask with menthol, which is quite nice but not what I expected. Subsequently it’s very stimulating on the scalp rather than relaxing, again not particularily bad but just different. I’d imagine if you suffer with any inflammatory scalp conditions such as psoriasis this mask would be extremely soothing. But back to the formula – It’s very rich, rinses out easily and left my hair quite conditioned. ‘Quite’ being the operative word. It’s grand, but nothing major.


  • Shu Uemura Cool Blonde Shampoo – Love, love loved this. Definitely don’t love the pricetag quite so much though. This is an amazing purple shampoo for blondes, which plays a blinder at toning down unwanted warmth or brassiness. It’s incredibly hydrating, which for a shampoo is quite rare. I used this roughly once a fortnight, and the 200ml bottle lasted three months. I’ll definitely repurchase this at a later feeling spendy date, although for now I’m happy enough with the Bleach Silver Shampoo.



  • St. Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan – I’ve used this gradual tanner for years now, and adore it… It applies easily, dries quickly, doesn’t smell, never streaks and wears off evenly. The colour is fabulous – very golden and natural. Two applications and I’m properly sunkissed. As gradual moisturisers go it’s quite expensive, but it’s pretty much always on offer at Boots, Lloyds and Sam Mc Cauleys.


  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion – The Irish girl’s bread and butter… I always have a bottle of this on standby for unplanned nights out/ the difficult too-lazy-to-properly-tan times. There’s literally no comparison between this and it’s aerosol sister -whilst both give the same ‘tights in a bottle’ effect (Goodbye bruises, veins, cellulite etc) the wear off of the spray version is notoriously vile. It dries your skin terribly, and apres night-out turns seriously patchy. The lotion on the other hand does neither, and therefore is the obvious choice!


  • Vita Liberta NKD Skin Mousse – This is the more affordable version of the infamous Vita Liberta two week tan. It aims to last perfectly for seven days, and I’m not quite sure if I got a week out of it, BUT it is a lovely fake tan – very dark golden shade with a flawless, no streaks finish. It’s not the easiest to find in shops (I found this one in a random independent pharmacy in Malahide), but I’d definitely recommend purchasing if you come across it.



  • Mac Studio Fix Fluid – I’ve had this bottle sitting in my stash for millions of years now. There was a time when I ploughed through Mac foundations like no tomorrow, but now, not so much. If you’re after heavy coverage though, then you can’t really beat studio fix. I literally feel like I’m wearing a mask when I have it on, and so whilst this was my go-to during my uni-days, now I can’t be dealing with it.


  • L’oreal True Match Foundation – Amazing! I know this has probably been floating around pre Jesus BC, but I only discovered it this year. I presume I also used this as a teenager but memory fails. I purchased this on Amelia Liana’s recommendation and I’m literally obsessed. As in, I purchased it as a daytime foundation but have been using it over high-end versions for nights out instead. It’s flawless – medium to high coverage, long lasting, amazing range of shades, very blendable, natural finish… There’s literally very little more I want in a foundation. I stocked up on a new bottle of this when Boots had a 2 for €19 offer on L’oreal products. I also picked up their Infallible matte foundation which I’m now also hooked on!




  • Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water – This is fantastic. It’s super effective at removing eye make up, it’s gentle on your eyes and skin, it’s hassle-free, quick and cheap. Amazingness.  I love micellar water in general, and at this stage I think I’ve tried them all. I’ve repurchased this Garnier one a couple of times already, and it compares to versions twice the price. I’m currently using the Vichy Thermal Calming Micellar Water, which is three times the cost for very little difference. Micellar water is bloomin’ marvellous at cleaning make-up brushes as well, FYI. Click here for the deets on such hacks…


  • Bio – Oil – Another skincare staple. I’ve been using this little gem for years now. It’s aimed at scarred skin/stretch marks, but I actually love it as a moisturiser (obv night-time / not leaving the house time) as it’s incredibly hydrating. I love adding it to the bath as well.


  • Decleor Aroma Cleansing Milk – I used this as a part two of a double cleansing night-time routine. It’s a lovely cleanser, very gentle and quite plumping on the skin, but to be honest I wouldn’t bother repurchasing. I wasn’t particularly blown away with it or anything.



  • Hello Mouthwash (Grapefruit) – Possibly irrelavant including a mouthwash in this post (yawn), but I figured this one is somewhat different to the norm. Hello mouthwashes are all natural, alcohol free dental products. I really liked this one! It’s a grapefruit flavour which made a pleasant change from the usual burning mint rinses. It’s definitely not for everyone though, my boyfriend hated it for one. I’m now using the mojito flavoured version (I will literally buy anything fml)… I picked these up in Sam Mc Cauleys.


  • Johnson’s Camomile Baby Oil Gel – I tried this out after reading on a blog that this particular version is amazing for prolonging fake tanned pins. I hated it – it’s incredibly viscous and so trying to get it out of the bottle took forever and a day.


  • Scholl Dry Skin Exfoliator – This is an amazing exfoliator for any dry skin on the tops of your arms and thighs, which is what I use it for. On your feet – not so much. You really need one of those vile ‘grater’ type foot file gadgets for hard skin on your feet – a cream isn’t going to do too much!


  • Nad’s XFol Scrub – This has since been discontinued so there’s not much point in a major review! It was good whilst it lasted though, great for preventing ingrown hairs.


  • L’oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Gel wash – I generally keep a high street face wash in my shower for when I’m removing face masks and what not. I actually really like this – The pop out ‘scrublet’ is great in the shower, and makes removing the likes of GlamGlow a hell of a lot easier. The salicylic acid in it is great for preventing breakouts as well.



  • Foundation: The Beauty Molecule – What a load of shite! I picked this up on a whim in a pharmacy where I was working for the day… It aims to ‘promote health, youth and longevity’… Don’t waste your time!


  • Lifestream Aloe Vera – 2014 was definitely the year of aloe vera gel as a ‘super food’. I’ve taken aloe vera on and off for the last two years, and I actually do believe there’s some truth to it. Whilst it tastes absolutely rancid, it does help to detoxify and cleanse internally (aka: laxative effects!). This particular brand doesn’t taste as sheer vom as some of the others I’ve tried, eg: Forever Living. I still retch when I think of the Clean 9 detox… Uuugh.


  • Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar – You can pick this up in most health stores. Apple Cider Vinegar is another superfood from 2013/14 era… And a lot of my friends swear by the stuff for weight, skin etc. To be honest I just found this incredibly harsh on my stomach so I never took it properly. However, I did discover another use for it – a clarifying hair rinse. Try it! It actually works.

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