Hair Care Empties…

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My trusted Babyliss Big Hair has come to an end. Sigh. I can’t describe how much I LOVED this – ‘Twas pretty much the only styling tool I used for a solid three years. I’m almost sure I had this in my final year in college, so in total it’s lifespan was around four years before setting sail to the refuse. In its replacement I picked up an Instyler… Of which I’m not a fan (so disappointing).


I have naturally curly hair, which is very thick but quite fine. The Babyliss Big Hair managed to straighten and smooth my hair whilst creating volume throughout. Once you get the knack to it, you can achieve a salon-worthy blow dry with your eyes closed. Unless I was going out-out, this was the only tool I used to tame my cray cray mane. I can’t recommend it highly enough. I’ll more than likely repurchase this – I’m giving myself another few tries with the Instyler before I reinvest.

Now for the hair masks… I purchased Lush’s H’Suan Wen Hua after seeing the beauty blogging queen that is Fleur deForce raving about it. I’ve tried to avoid Lush stores in recent years after a bad hangover experience in one. Irrational fears are my forte. I know most beauty bloggers are obsessed with Lush, but to be honest I find their stores extremely nauseating – The clashing scents always hit me like a punch in the face. Could you imagine working there with a hangover?! I do however like their products, and of course the whole ethos behind the brand.

The H’Suan Wen Hua is AH.MAY.ZING. Srsly. It’s definitely up there as one the best hair treatments  I’ve used in recent years. Buy it, – you won’t regret it. It smells a bit rank – Bay leaves, eggs, vinegar, and cinnamon    are some of the listed ingredients – And subsequently it’s definitely not your typical hair product fragrance. But it works! Lord have mercy! I left this on overnight and my hair was the silkiest it has been since I was a tater tot. 

Once I finished the tub I went straight back to Lush to repurchase. Of course it was out of stock, and so one of Lush’s (always helpful) staff recommended the ‘Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease’ hair treatment in it’s replacement. This mask smells amazing, (of jasmine, obv). It’s a fabulous hair mask, and had I not used the aforementioned H’suan Wen Hua (that name will definitely catch on), I’m sure I would have been obsessed with it – it’s defrizzing, super moisturising and makes your hair shiny. Winning. But it pales in comparison to the H’suan one, in that it didn’t give quite as noticeable an improvement to the texture of my hair. I would still repurchase it though. (FYI both of these treatments are pre-wash masks rather than post-conditioner treatments.)

Did you guys know that Lush have a ‘Back to Mac’ type recycling scheme where customers receive one free fresh mask in replacement for five empty full sized Lush tubs?! Sure they’re practically paying you to take your money.

On keeping with the organic and natural theme, I (finally) finished up a Tate’s Natural Miracle Conditioner. I was gifted this product, and have only ever seen it for sale in one Irish pharmacy, so tbh I’m not quite sure how readily available to purchase it is. The packaging is incredibly cringe, and enough to make me never repurchase – the ingredient information includes “lots of smiles, hugs and love.” Ah here! I did actually quite like it though, even though it was never ending, and was sitting in my shower for a good 18 months. The ingredients are all natural and nourishing – coconut, papaya and chamomile, to name a few. I found it pretty moisturising, although it’s not something I was amazed by at the same time. Ridiculously, the blurb  on the back claims it can be used to treat arthritis and migraines. Along with its alternative use as a lip gloss. A tad unrealistic perhaps. Could you imagine asking a pharmacist for pain relief for a migraine and being given a poxy conditioner?! Seriously. What is wrong with people!

Dove’s Pure Care Dry Oil treatment mask was next to get trialled. Nothing to major to report on this one, it did the job and moisturised my tresses, but at the same time I wasn’t crazily mesmerised. It smells lovely – not that distinctive Dove soapy scent which I don’t particularly love – but a luxe macadamia fragrance. The mask has quite a thick texture – akin to a body butter, but it didn’t weigh my hair down at all. My hair was definitely softer after use.  Would I repurchase? Probably.

Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 Minute Treatment is the final hair mask in my empties pile. Can ya tell I love hair treatments?! To me this is comparible with the Dove Dry Oil Treatment. It claims to work its magic in 60 seconds which is always handy when you’re trapped for time. I alway leave masks in for AGES though (due to laziness rather than over-eagerness) and so I definitely left this in for an hour or two post shower before rinsing. It smells fab – very shea buttery and it’s definitely nourishing; my hair felt healthier and less damages after use. I’m sure I’ll repurchase this again at some stage.

Finally, I thought I’d give this little bad boy a mention – Ruth Crilly’s CoLab dry shampoo (This one is in the fragrance Tokyo). I love the CoLab dry shampoos, and am obvo only delighted to see them now being stocked in Penneys. I spray my hair with this, comb it through, pin it up, go to bed… The following morning my hair looks freshly blow-dried. ‘Tis mighty stuff. 

(I must state however, that my hair doesn’t really get greasy, so I can’t really review its grease-soaking properties tbh.) As my hair is dry, I use a lot of oils (on the ends) and products when styling to tame it. Day Two/Three hair therefore can look quite product heavy and in need of a wash in that sense, rather than greasy roots. This is where the CoLab dry shampoos work for me! On another note, the CoLab creator has a fabulous blog in case you were unaware – Ruth Crilly’s A Model Recommends. But of course you are well aware of that if you are reading this lowly blog!

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