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I love a good beauty hack Pinterest binge, but let’s be real – The results are never too pin-worthy. I have however discovered a couple of tricks that have been life-changing… (Perhaps that’s a tad dramatic, but still).

  First up is the swapping towels for tee-shirts. I feel this is especially apt for all frizz-prone/curly haired ladies (Hollah!). I think it was Niomi Smart (youtube fitspo extraordinaire) who first planted the seed in my head to make the change. It is blatently obvious though – towels are generally rough, whilst tee-shirts are soft cotton. I now only use old tee-shirts post hair-wash, and my hair is far less cray cray. If you’re trying to grow your hair, this hack is definitely appropz. I am firmly converted!

Next onto the catflick eyeliner/smokey eye hack – Sellotape. I watched the Irish stunner Beauty Life Michelle do this one too many times to not give it a go. Amelia Liana is a fan of the tape help also. When applying eye liner, or doing a winged smokey eye, simply place sellotape along the lower lashline towards your eyebrow. Once you’re finished, remove the tape and voila! Perfect winged eye makeup, every damn time. It’s literally foolproof!


Then there’s the Micellar Water Makeup Brush Cleanser trick. I first tried this a few months ago after Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits raved about it. I fill a glass up with micellar water, leave my brush(es) to soak for a few minutes, come back, give them a quick rinse and they are literally like new. Love it. One negative to this method is the cost – micellar water can be sometimes quite expensive. However, lots of supermarkets have own-brand generic versions of it now – I remember trying a Tesco version around two years ago. It stung the bejesus out of my eyes and was promptly thrown in the bin. But for this kind of cleansing, I’m sure ‘twud do the job!

Lastly, there’s the apple cider vinegar hair rinse hack. A few years ago when Apple Cider Vinegar was all the rage I stocked up (obviously). It promises to improve your skin, sleeping patterns, cholesterol, weight blah blah blah and so on and so forth. After one or two swigs I literally couldn’t stomach another drop. 

I let it sit in my cupboard for a year or two before realising it’s benefits as a clarifying hair rinse. I had very low expectations, but it’s genuinely worth giving a go. It rids my hair of product build-up, and seals the hair cuticles, leaving it super soft and shiny, (which is an absolute rarity for my normally always non-soft non-shiny mane).

Happy Hacking!


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