GlamGlow, yo.

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By now you’ve all heard the hype – the ‘best-kept secret in Hollywood’, facelift/botox in a jar, blah blah blah. GlamGlow’s claims are a tad extreme – promising ‘skin collagen synthesis’, ‘multi-layer resurfacing’ and the likes. So far so bullshitty, but the happy customers keep a-raving so they’re obviously doing something right.

I started using Glamglow masks one year ago, and have trialled Youthmud, Supermud, Thirstymud and Powermud (They hardly saw me coming).

Youthmud is unrivalled in my opinion – It’s the original Glamglow mask and deserves all the fame and glory of the brand. It promises to tighten pores, brighten the skin, exfoliate and smoothen. You can feel it working on your skin due the tingling sensation upon application. (However that on its own ain’t worthy of it’s price tag – I’ve used €2 face masks with the same effect.)

Mud masks in general always draw out excess oil and impurities, and Youthmud has boasts the same benefit. There’s something so satisfying about seeing the gunk from your pores drawn to your skin’s upon application. It contains (teeny) fragments of volcanic rock which exfoliate the skin during rinse off, as well as tea tree which brightens and tightens your pores. Ingredient by ingredient, there’s nothing especially new or glamorous, but together, BAM! I don’t know how or why, but after one use, my skin feels smoother, plumper and brighter. My pores are smaller, and any fine lines are tightened. It genuinely lives up to the hype. Apparently Boot’s Botanics range has a dupe for it, so I’m looking forward to trying that out when I’m finished with the real deal.

My next Glamglow to trial was Powermud. This is a mud-to-oil weekly treatment, which aims to gently but deeply cleanse your face. This is a resounding ‘Whatever’ for me. It’s a lovely cleanser, and my skin feels hydrated and cleansed after use, but it’s results pale in comparison to Youthmud. It’s aimed to be extremely delicate on the skin, so if your skin is super sensitive then you’ll probably prefer this one. But for me, it’s not worthy of it’s €60 price tag.

Next we have Supermud – targeted specifically at problem skin. I’m decidedly on the fence about this one, as it broke my skin out upon use. Hypothetically, this is what you want – it draws out impurities and speeds up any blemish breakouts. However, after using this mask, I broke out on my jawline. (Nothing too severe, just two spots that were easy to conceal.) However, having never sported spots in this particular area before, I can’t help but think had I not used Supermud, I wouldn’t have suffered this particular breakout eventually. Perhaps not, who knows…

Obviously everyone’s skin type is different – My friend (who is acne-prone) swears by this and can’t live without it. To each their own. I’ve since been using Supermud as a spot treatment, targeting it only on actual blemishes, as opposed to all over the face. It definitely helps to speed up the healing process for me when used in this way, and so, for problem skin, I can see how this mask would be holy grail.

Finally, we come to Thirstymud. Be still my beating heart, for this one in incredible.

As aforementioned, mud/clay masks are designed to draw out moisture and impurities, not to rehydrate the skin. Thirstymud however, contains very little clay, and so does not have the tightening, pore tingling effect of Youthmud/Supermud. Instead it aims to moisturise, restore and replenish. And that it does. After one application, my skin felt revived and hydrated. A little goes a long way with this, and it smells amazing. I find it to be more like a heavy-duty balm-type moisturiser than a mask, and so have been using it as a night cream. I literally want to keep reapplying it as soon as it sinks in, it’s THAT addictive.

Hopefully the Glamglow brand won’t have such monopoly powers for too much longer, and larger skincare companies will launch less expensive dupes. (I’m definitely going to try the Botanics version, although I’m quite skeptical.)

But for now, Youthmud paired with Thirstymud is my love!

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