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It was only when the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) asked me to help promote blood donations in Ireland, that I realised just how important this service is. Personally, I’ve donated blood in the past, but have never committed to it being a regular thing either – although the intention was always there. After reading up on the stats, I’m sold. (Said stats being embarrassingly low on the donations side – and scarily high on the needs list).

25% of the Irish population will need a blood transfusion at some stage in their life. That’s one person at your brunch of four/one person in the average family of four. (Scary). Yet only 3% of us actively donate. (Scarier).

Of the 3,000 donations needed in Ireland weekly, 67% are used in cancer treatment.  I doubt there’s a family in Ireland that hasn’t been affected by the C word – so that figure alone should be reason enough to inspire. A further 27% of blood donations are used in surgeries, with the final 6% being used to help newborn/premature babies.

The Irish Blood Transfusion Service needs us all. If you’re a regular blood donator, then AMAZING! Shout it from the rooftops and recruit! Tell your pals/colleagues/family – become a vocal advocate! If you’re like me and need a kick up the arse to donate blood that little bit more frequently, just PENCIL IT IN! The average blood donator in Ireland does so only once annually, but donors are actually eligible to do so every ninety days. And if you’re a donator newbie, then JOIN DA CLUB! You’re helping that one in four real life human being – your friend, family, neighbour, cancer warrior, surgery patient, that little fighting baby.

Also, after donating blood, (if those feel good karma vibes aren’t good enough for ya!), the IBTS have recently launched a new initiate – where every donor will receive a text letting them know which hospital their donation has been delivered to. Now think of the happy thoughts after reading that!

You can check out www.giveblood.ie to check your eligibility and find your nearby clinic.


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