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If you want your brows on fleek, I’ve finally found my holy grail threading bar. Although I find threading the most direly painful of all hair removal methods, I’m a threading devotee. 

I did dip my toes into the whole ‘HD Brow’ phenomenon once or twice, but ditched the effort fairly lively. It’s all very highfalutin’ with claims of celebritising your face, but really it’s just threading, tinting and then filling in your brows yourself…. Literally that’s it. And so threading is my brow-taming method of choice.

Yes I’m a little late to the soiree, but today I finally tamed my caterpillars at the Shavata Bar Studio in Harvey Nichols, Dundrum.

I tend to go to either Bushra’s Beauty in the Frascati Shopping Centre, or The Body Shop in Dundrum, depending on my whereabouts when needs strike. 

Bushra’s Boutique is fantastic, although always quite painful. (Apparently your pain threshold varies with your menstrual cycle, and so perhaps I’ve always subconsciously picked the wrong time to hit Bushra’s, but it’s ALWAYS painful!) As in, tears betraying my eyes strolling down my face unintentionally, kinda painful. However, I’ve always been delighted with the shape, even if my general eye area is red raw for an hour post-thread. If memory serves correct, they charge around €15 for the service.

The Body Shop in Dundrum is really handy more than amazing – you can nearly always walk in and have your brows done on the spot, or if not within around a fifteen minute wait. I never find it too painful, and it’s cheap as chips for €12. However, I’m never actually that impressed with how they shape my brows – as in they’re always grand but always a bit too thin for my liking. And as per Bushra’s, I’m always sporting a distinct red rawness for a good hour afterward.

However, today I decided to finally try out the infamous Shavata Bar, located on Harvey Nichols‘ beauty floor. And… it’s totally worthy of the hype.


Firstly it’s a gorgeous salon, with luxe furnishings and the random tropical rainforest/waterfall peering through the windows. Secondly, it’s hidden in the back of beyond – literally the furthest corner on the ground floor. This, I like – as at many other brow bars you’re sprawled out in front of passersby like a circus freak show. But most importantly, the brow shape given is fantastic, the process is not sore and there were genuinely no raw vibes upon leaving.

I’m so amazed, my eyebrow hair is naturally very coarse – as in, it has previously snapped the apparently ‘unbreakable’ thread when threading (the shame) – and so I expect a certain level of pain. But seriously, at the Shavata Bar, the pain was minimal – still existent for one or two ‘tugs’, but pretty mild.

I’m loving the shape of my new brows, still quite thick and natural but expertly pruned and styled to shape my face! Alas I have no ‘Before’ photograph, as I wasn’t planning on blogging about the Shavata Bar, but I’m actually so impressed I think y’all gotta know.



The whole process was over in less than ten minutes, and I left the brow bar with COMPLETELY calm skin – literally no tell-tale redness or irritation. The photo above was taken a few minutes after the treatment for proof! 

I’m so impressed. It is a little bit pricer than other places at €20 per treatment, but in my opinion totally worth it. For the price of an extra coffee or two there’s no comparison. Plus they have a customer loyalty scheme of buy five, get the sixth treatment free.

Next to try out at Harvey Nichols is their Show Blow Dry Bar, which I’ll be frequenting on Wednesday, and will keep you posted!

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