Bellamianta Tan 👯

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For the past fortnight I’ve been bronzing up my life with a new (to me) self tanner – Bellamianta’s Tanning Lotion; a self-proclaimed ‘clean, nutritious, luxury’ tan. And (spoiler alert) I’ve since become a little obsessed…

Bellamianta is an Irish owned tanning brand (aren’t they all at the mo?!), and I met with one of its founders (Linda), along with her manager Annette a couple of weeks ago in the Westbury to learn a little about what they’re about. Natural, kind-to-skin ingredients apparently (we’re talking paraben/alcohol/sulphates/GMO free etc), but what intrigued me the most about the tan was its promise of zero fake tan fragrance. Could this be actually true for once!?

Packaging wise, it’s quite luxe and instantly reminded me of Xen Tan. I adored the Bellamianta tanning mitt from first use – velvety soft, double sided and pretty much boyfriend proof for those hard to reach areas. I’ve used similar velvet tanning gloves in the past which subsequently absorbed all the tan but thankfully this one isn’t as greedy.

But back to the odour neutralising technology – I can confirm it actually DOES NOT SMELL. Well. I. Never! Amazing. (I lie – it does have a distinct, subtle fragrance; but of its signature bergamot scent, not of curry). The test: Applying before bed without telling my fake-tan loathing boyfriend. Normally this results in dramatic window opening, exaggerated coughing etc etc but he didn’t notice one iota. Winning! On this alone it gets five stars.


 But of course all this means nada if the colour pay off is rot. Here is where the stars align – It’s an instant tanner (in that the guide colour is dark), does not need to be washed off (as there’s no vile scent), and the colour is really gorgeous – very natural, olive toned as opposed to orange, and streak-free. It’s also worth noting that you lose very little of the original colour down the shower (a personal hatred). Hence why I now adore said product.

It claims to dry in 60 seconds; now I didn’t test this out with a stop watch or anything, but it was noticably faster drying than the norm (therefore ya gotta be nippy applying!), and I reckon I had my dressing gown back on me in one minute. The colour then develops over four hours, where it becomes water resistant and lasts up to  seven days.

Since first trying this out, I’ve reapplied roughly every five days – and have had zero streaking, patchy wear off, build up etc. However, since topping up, I have noticed a tiny bit of that signature ‘fake-tan scent’, athough very mild (boyfriend has yet to notice!).

And so I’m sold on it, and have already recommended it to all my friends.

You’ll have to excuse the lack of generic fake-tan photos (bronzed legs nonchalantly draped across white sheets etc) as I’ve been battling a violently grotesque hormonal rash all over my pins/self. FML.

However on the plus side, this tan has managed to hide some of the ugliness – and as the ingredients are only gorge (vitamin A/C/E, shea butter, aloe vera, mango, goji berry) I don’t need to worry about anything harsh aggrevating my skin further.

(Actually on that note, it’s also possibly worth noting that I’ve been dosing myself in all types of (kind to skin!) moisturisers in order to curtail said rash which is probably helping the tan’s lack of patchy wear off etc.)

But yeah, I’m now a total Bellamianta convert. Not sponsored, fyi!. You can order it online via Bellamianta or click here for a list of Irish stockists (if you’re Dublin based Meagher’s Pharmacy sell it).

Anyone else a fan?

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