And then she was ONE 🎈 

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Maybe it’s the rose-tinted shades talking, but when reminiscing over the past twelve months; life is but a dream as they say. I’ve honestly, hand on my heart loved every single second of Pearl’s first year. (On reflection every single second is possibly a slight exaggeration there. But the shitty nappies/bibs of drool become white noise so very quickly).

Of course I’m painfully aware that we’ve been blessed with the dream baby, and life isn’t quite so plain sailing for so many.  To put into context – Pearl turned one on Monday, and has yet to visit a doctor (bar her routine appointments, obvz). She’s the textbook baby, and long may it last. (Please don’t be hatin’ btw if that sounds a tad Gloat McGloaterson, I genuinely thank my lucky stars every night for her health. Also, the fact I’m a pharmacist has probably played a part in that no doctor thing too).

Of course there have been many a swing and roundabout since this time last year – those early days of breastfeeding (ouch), the night time cluster feeds, that horrendous return to my (now old) job apres maternity leave, those clumps of hair falling out, that missing paycheck every month (also ouch). But all in all, these things pale in comparison  with the past year of firsts.

Was maternity leave as dreamy as I’d planned? Well I never got that book written. Lolz. Nor did I become chef extraordinaire.  In some ways I feel like I haven’t done a tap in the past twelve months. In others I feel like I haven’t had time to blink. As expected, maternity leave was many the beach walk, with all of the coffee dates. We dabbled in baby yoga (ridiculously cute), swimming lessons (major success), baby massage (guaranteed extra nap time after that FYI), play groups, play dates…

As for Pearl, I think she’s had a ball. She’s dined in some of the country’s finest eateries, dipped her toes into some of Miami’s best beaches, has already played flower girl, and possesses the most envious of wardrobes….

Lolz, all she cares about is being in my arms, food and music. Little Pearl is  her mother’s daughter, with an obsession for Beyonce and Drake – much to her Dad’s distaste. (Things like that amaze me actually – when I was pregnant with Pearl I had Bey’s Lemonade and/or Drake’s Views on repeat en route to/from work – two albums which continue to stop Little Pea in her tracks whatever her mood and start boppin’ and tappin’).

One question I’m asked a LOT by friends who’ve yet to become parents is ‘Am I bored/ Is it lonely?’ And my honest answer is not in the slightest. But then I think this very much depends on your personality – I’ve always been more than happy in my own company (so long as there’s wifi, naturally).  Was I secretly dying to return to the workplace? Literal LOLZ. Absolutely not. My job pre-Pearl was far more lonely/boring than maternity leave ever could be tbh.  Also, I honestly think social media is amazing for the mums of the world – slated though it may be, it’s thanks to the old instagram/blogging that I’ve made many of my new Mum pals. So now for ya!

Do I miss my pre-Pearl life? I miss the lie-ins, I miss the freedom of meeting a friend for brunch and staying on for dinner, I miss my handbags. I’m also still not used to the heavy lifting of carseats (doesn’t help that Pearl weighs fifty stone either). But Little Pea has just become my life – she’s my literal shadow; where I go, she goes.

Today is exactly one year on from the photo below, a four day old Pearl – stuck to me like velcro. How twelve months have passed since those blurry days is just beyond my comprehension.

If only you could bottle up the all consuming love.

A milk drunk four day old Sweet Pea


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