16 Week Blow Dry (Aveda)

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Two weeks ago I booked in for an Aveda 16 Week Blow Dry Treatment. My hair was looking frazzled and damaged, and not wanting to get the chop, an intensive conditioning treatment was the way forward.

I’m no stranger to the 12 Week Blow Dry, of which the pre-banned formaldehyde-containing option I was OBSESSED with. The post-ban formula… Not so much. Aveda is a brand I love – I’ve genuinely noticed a serious improvement in my highlighted hair since converting to their salons. Their haircare range is amazing, (if a tad overpriced). And so, when I noticed a nearby salon had the 16 Week Blowdry on special offer, I decided to test it out.

All Aveda products are organic and plant-based – (says me who longs for the return of the original formaldehyde-derived straightening formula!), which is obviously fantastic but don’t mean nada if it’s useless. My hair is naturally curly, I regularly abuse it with heated appliances, and I’ve been damaging it with highlights for longer than I haven’t. Que quite the unruly mane. The 16 Week Blowdry aims to straighten, strengthen and condition each hair follicle, with results lasting for up to (quelle suprise) sixteen weeks.

The process itself doesn’t take too long – it’s literally just a case of straightening the treatment into the hair. I had it done, along with highlights and a cut in two and a half hours – so not too mind-numbing at all. In comparison to previous straightening treatments, this process was a lot more pleasant. The fragrance is no where near as potent, and doesn’t have it’s precessor’s eye-watering (bawling) effect. Another huge difference is the length of time it has to be left in the hair before rinsing it out – 24 hours as opposed to 48 for a 12 Week Blowdry. Other than that it’s pretty similar – You can’t tie your hair back, or get it wet until it’s washed out, and no shampoos containing sodium.

Upon leaving the salon, my hair felt and looked pretty… rank. There were definitely no hair swooshing vibes going on. It felt like I had sprayed a few cans of dry shampoo through it – just laden with product. Looks-wise, it looked pretty flat, but nothing to horrific. I was able to go to work the following morning with it loosely clipped back in an oldschool butterly clip (I couldn’t quite face leaving it down flat as a pancake).

The results?!
My hair is definitely smoother and stronger. It’s somewhat straighter, although I’ll still need to run my GHD’s through it. Below is my hair (#nofilter!) having been blowdryed but not straightened/styled, before and after the treatment. It is definitely smoother and healthier looking in the second, (although the badly needed trim plays a role there also). Drying time has been halved, which is amaze.


To be honest, I can’t see the effects lasting sixteen weeks – I’m two weeks in and already my mane is curlier, but for an intensive conditioning treatment it’s worth a go. One negative with it is that I’m noticing more hair loss than usual… I’m molting in the shower, in my car, at work, on the couch… Hopefully that will come to an abrupt end asap, and providing it does, I’ll be scheduling this treatment every four months!

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  1. Hi how was this in the weeks after you got it done? Did it last? Also did you notice significant damage? My hairdresser just slated it and said it would make my hair snap off! I’m thinking of getting the 16 week blow dry in the art team

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